The Newton Family is the surename that Donald holds. He was named after his grandfather Donald Crawford Newton Sr. (1923-2009). Donald Newton has 3 siblings, 2 Uncles, 2 Aunts, 5 cousins, along with 2 step mothers, 2 step siblings that are within the Newton family. Donald and Roberta Newton adopted all of their kids. Sadly Donald & Roberta are no longer with us. Not all relatives names are featured.

Name Relation
Donald Newton Sr. (1923-2009) Grandfather
Roberta Newton (1933-2007) Grandmother
Donald Newton Jr Uncle
Thomas Newton Father
Barbara "Barbie" Newton (Married Name Unknown) Aunt
Danielle Newton (Married Name Unknown) Cousin
Meagan Newton Cousin
Nicholas Newton Brother
Thomas Newton Jr Brother
Teresa Newton Siser
Donald C. Newton III Himself
Alicia Cousin
Mandy Cousin
Charlie Cousin
Susan Newton Former Step Mother
Holly Arnot Former Step Sister
Mark Arnot Former Step Brother
Angela Newton Step Mother
Kegan Nephew