Chapter 1



A single car is parked alone in the middle of an otherwise empty parking lot. Music is playing inside. The car is shaking.

Inside the car is BRANDON and JACKIE (both 18) having sex with most of their clothes on. Jackie is on top of Brandon, sitting with her skirt open for his genitals to go under her. She is moaning out loud.

JACKIE: (moaning) Oh, Brandon!

Brandon is sweaty and getting extremely tired.

BRANDON: (pleasured yet tired) Oh, fuck!

JACKIE: Keep going. Keep going, baby.

He's reached her spot as she moans louder.

JACKIE: That's it. Right there.

They move faster. Their moaning and groaning gets louder. Jackie leans back as she is close to her climax. Her back bumps into the horn which blares. The honking does not affect their love-making.

Outside the car, standing in a distance, we see the familiar black hooded figure of GHOSTFACE. The same appearance as the first two stories. Since his back is facing us, we do not see his face or mask.

The Figure watches the car continue to shake violently.

They gasps loudly. Climaxed. Jackie just drops to her boyfriend's shoulders. They just hold each other while catching their breath. Exhausted.

JACKIE: Oh, that was the shit.

BRANDON: Yeah. I love car sex.

JACKIE: I bet you do.

BRANDON: Don't you?

JACKIE: Yes, I do. I love having sex in weird places and positions with you.

BRANDON: You're the coolest, man.

JACKIE: You know it. I gotta pee.

Jackie opens the driver's door and gets out. She grabs her panties and puts them on outside. Brandon pulls up his pants.

JACKIE: I'll be right back.

Brandon watches through the side mirror as Jackie walks to the nearby bathroom. She disappears inside.

Brandon changes the station. A soft rock song plays. He sits back and sighs.

About a minute later...RING!

Brandon picks up his phone. An unknown caller is sending him a video chat request.

BRANDON: (to himself) Who are you and what do you want?

He accepts.

A VIDEO of GHOSTFACE appears. We see his mask for the first time. It's the same mask used in the first two stories.

GHOSTFACE: Good evening, Brandon.

Brandon recognizes the mask and is both confused and alarmed.

BRANDON: What the fuck?

GHOSTFACE: Do you like getting laid?

BRANDON: What the fuck do you want?

GHOSTFACE: You like having sex in public? Ever try having sex in a school yard or in the park?

BRANDON: You sick fuck.

GHOSTFACE: How about car sex?

Ghostface turns the camera to show a view of Brandon's car in the distant. We see Jackie walking into the bathroom, which is beside where Ghostface is hiding.

Brandon is now fully alarmed and close to panic.

BRANDON: You mother...

GHOSTFACE: Your girlfriend is cute for a tomboy. Why don't we take a look?

The video shows that the camera is walking into the women's bathroom. One of the stalls closes just as the camera turns into the whole bathroom. We can see Jackie's legs from under the stall as she sits on the toilet.

GHOSTFACE: By the way, this video is delayed. By the time you realize the time difference between this video and reality, you may be too late.

Panic strikes Brandon. He turns his head to the back, as if to look at the bathroom.


Brandon turns back to his phone. The camera is right outside of Jackie's bathroom stall.

GHOSTFACE: You don't have much time. If you want to save her, you better run over here now.

The video cuts to black.

Fuck this. It's time for Brandon to save his girlfriend. He jumps out of his car. Brandon storms through the parking lot. There's enough distance that gives the killer enough time to attack Jackie, especially with the video's delay, and Brandon knows it.

He reaches to the bathroom when suddenly he bumps into - JACKIE. They both shriek upon impact.

BRANDON: (hugs her) Jackie, are you okay?

JACKIE: Yeah. Why? What's wrong?

BRANDON: (pointing to bathroom) Somebody wearing the Clearwood Slasher mask just sent me a video of him sneaking into the bathroom with you in there.

JACKIE: What? Nobody was in there.

They go inside with Brandon walking in full of rage.

They walk in. There is nothing but unoccupied bathroom stalls. Brandon looks around. There's no place for Ghostface to hide nor is there anyway out other than the entrance. How did he run out without Brandon seeing him?

BRANDON: Could have sworn he was standing outside your stall. He must have left before I came in. He said it was a delayed video.

JACKIE: (panicked) Well then let's get out of here before he does come back.

BRANDON: (agreeing) Right.

Jackie takes his hand and pulls him out.

Back at the car, The couple get in. Brandon attempts to start his car but it won't start.

BRANDON: (frustrated) Dammit!

JACKIE: (tries to be cool) I got this.

Jackie gets out and opens up the hood of the car. The hood blocks his view of her working on his car. He cannot see what she's doing.

JACKIE: (from outside) Try it.

Brandon starts the car and the engine roars.

BRANDON: Okay, let's go.

Jackie closes the hood. GHOSTFACE is standing behind her. Brandon points at him, trying to warn her.


Before Jackie can turn around, Ghostface stabs her in the back. She screams in agony.


Ghostface throws her body at the windshield. Jackie's body crashes through the glass. Brandon shields himself from the body and the glass with his arms.

Brandon opens the driver's door and gets out but he's stabbed by Ghostface. He falls to the ground. Ghostface drags him behind the car. He grabs him by the hair, lifting his head up. He aims the head at the cement ground.

BRANDON: What are you doing? Stop! PLEASE!

Ghostface slams Brandon's head onto the ground. A pool of blood begins to build around his head. He's barely conscious. Ghostface leaves him there and goes to his car.

The killer coldly pulls Jackie's body out of the car and leaves it on the ground. He gets in and slams the door shut. The engine starts again.

Brandon is losing consciousness but he's awake enough to see that he's facing the back of his wheel. We begin to realize what's about to happen.

We see Ghostface’s black gloved hand pull the gear stick into reverse.

The car speeds in reverse. Brandon barely has time to react when - SPLAT!

The car passes enough distance before it stops.

Ghostface gets out of the car and looks at his work. There is nothing left of Brandon's head except for brain matter, flesh, and blood splattered all over the ground. A disgusting mess.

Ghostface cocks his head before walking off.

Chapter 2

The Scream theme plays in the traditional “Law & Order” OPENING CREDITS sequence like in the first two stories. The song plays over a compilation of pictures. Pictures of old characters, new characters, moments from the show, and moments from the first two stories. Even pictures of Emilia Carter, Seth Kemper, and Gary Kemper, whom were the original Ghostface killers in the first two stories.

By doing this, we are showing that this story may be somewhat different from the first two but that nobody from the first two stories are forgotten including unliked characters.


NANCY CARTER (17): We see a compilation of pictures of our beloved Nancy as she grew up: A picture of her being rescued by Tyler, her meeting her grandparents, her and Clarence II (formerly known as Little Man) at a wedding. Nancy served as the flower girl. Then we see a current picture of Nancy. A beautiful young 17 year old lady who looks exactly like her late mother Lorraine. Nancy now takes over the story as the lead character and taking on the traditional role of the FINAL GIRL.

TYLER CARTER (29): A compilation of pictures of Tyler. A few of him and Lorraine when he was a little boy. One of him when we first met him in the first story as he privately mourned Lorraine behind a tree at her funeral. One of Tyler and Nancy together on the day he brought her to the Carter’s. One of Tyler and Abby smiling together. A group picture of Tyler, Abby, Nancy, and Clarence II when they adopted him. Now we see a current picture of Tyler. More grown up and mature since we last saw him. He no longer has his “Jim Morrison” hairstyle. He is now the new MR. CARTER of the story.

ABBY CARTER (29): A compilation of pictures of Abby: One with Tyler as they kiss. One of Abby and Nancy having a “girlfriend” time together. An adorable one of Abby and Clarence II posing in a Mommy-Son picture. Abby enjoying being a mommy despite only being an adoptive one. A beautiful one of Abby in her white wedding gown. She looks so beautiful. Now we see a current picture of Abby. Still so beautiful at 29. She’s glowing in her pregnancy with their first child. She is the new MRS. CARTER of the story.

CLARENCE CARTER II (16): A compilation of pictures of Clarence as he grew up: The picture of Baby Clarence, who we knew at the time as LITTLE MAN, with his teenage birth mother Emilia. One of him when he first meets Tyler and Nancy. One of him wearing a cute tuxedo as he serves as the ring bear for Tyler and Abby’s wedding. One of him and his NANA KATHY CARTER. One of him sleeping in bed as his GRANDMA LORRAINE and PAPA CLARENCE watch over him. Now we see a current picture of Clarence. He is no longer little. He is a large young man just like his birth father Seth and his Papa Clarence. Has the elder Clarence’s toughness and hardassness. He is continuing the legacy of his Great-Grandfather.

JEFF CARTER (19): A compilation of pictures of Jeff as he grew up: One of him with his parents Andrew and the late Daphne. One of him with his little sister Veronica. One of him and his grandparents. One of him with Nancy and Clarence II. Now we see a current picture of Jeff. He definitely takes after his father. He’s skinny, dorky, and wimpy just like his father. He is this generation’s version of Andrew Carter.

VERONICA CARTER (18): A compilation of pictures of Veronica as she grew up: One of her with her late mother Daphne. One of her with Nancy having some girl time. One of her playing with Clarence II. One of her serving as a second flower girl for Tyler and Abby’s wedding. Now we see a current picture of Veronica. She is extremely beautiful. She has her mother’s beauty but her father’s girliness that her mother didn’t have. She is this generation’s mixture of both of her parents.

VICTORIA ‘VICKI’ KENNEDY (30): We see a picture of Daphne (Andrew’s wife) and Melissa (from the first story) together. A picture of Bob Price (Daphne’s father from the first story) and Pam Howard (Melissa’s mother who we never met) together. One of Pam being pregnant. One of Pam holding a baby. One of Pam with a little girl, who is most likely the baby. Now we see the picture of VICTORIA ‘VICKI’ KENNEDY. We see pictures of Vicki crying over the graves of Melissa Howard, Daphne Carter, and Bob Price.

PATRICK VILLANE (17): We see pictures of Ghostface, Emilia Carter, Gary Kemper, Seth Kemper during his younger years, and of Seth as Coach Alex Wisher. Now we see the picture of PATRICK VILLANE. He is Nancy’s boyfriend. He gives us a creepy-grim look. His eyes are dark and creepy. Much like Billy Loomis. We are immediately suspicious of him.

ANNA MOSS (18): We see several pictures of girls such as Daphne Carter, Melissa Howard, Mandy McGuire, Lorraine Carter, Bella Curtis, Abby, and Robin Warnock. Now we see the picture of ANNA MOSS. She is an Asian-American. She is Jeff’s smoking-hot, way-out-of-his-league girlfriend. Her eyes are beautiful yet haunting. The fact that she’s got haunting eyes and is attractied to someone like Jeff, who is like his father Andrew, makes us suspicious. Could she be using Jeff? Can we trust her?

LUKE BACHMANN (18): We see several pictures of boys such as Tyler, Anton, Andrew, Scott Lane, Nick Curtis, Charlie, and Gary Kemper. Now we see the picture of LUKE BACHMANN. He is Veronica’s boyfriend. He has such a goofy, innocent, and handsome face much like the late Nick Curtis during the 70s. Perhaps he looks too innocent to be trusted?

ANTON CARTER (30): We see a compilation of pictures of Anton: One of him and Emilia being together for the first and only time after their birth. One of him as a little boy. One of him as a lost and lonely teenager. One of him and Tyler in each other’s faces. Now we see a current picture of Anton. He is more mature and less shady now.

SCOTT LANE (50): We see a compilation of pictures of Scott: One of Scott, Nick, Daphne, and Andrew when they were teens in the 70s. One of Scott making out with Melissa is the 70s when he had his beard. One of Scott in either the first or second story. Now we see a current picture of Scott. Most of his hair is grey. Still has the long hair. Has a beard again.

ANDREW CARTER (50): We see a compilation of pictures of Andrew: One of him and Daphne having their first kiss in the 70s. One of him and Daphne at their wedding. One of him and Daphne with Jeff and Veronica in a family photo. Now we see a current picture of Andrew. He finally has a beard. He looks bad. Like he’s depressed, hitting rock bottom, unclean, unshaven. Of all the original characters, he looks the worst. The deaths of Daphne, Clarence, and Kathy have taken a toll on his health.

CHARLIE (50): We see a compilation of pictures of Charlie: One of Charlie with Andrew, Daphne, Nick, Melissa, and Scott when they were teens in the 70s. One of Charlie with his daughter Emilia before he learned the truth about her. One of Charlie with his son Anton. Now we see a current picture of Charlie. His entire hair is grey. But he’s still got a youthful appearance. He looks the best of all of the original characters.

BELLA CURTIS-CARTER (31): We see compilation of pictures of Bella: One of Bella’s parents Nick and Brittany while she is pregnant with Bella. One of Nick holding Baby Bella in an attempt to bond with her. One of Bella and Tyler kissing at the park to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. One of Bella and Abby fighting. One of Bella and Abby becoming friends and putting aside their differences. One of Bella with Abby at her wedding with Tyler. Bella served as Abby’s maid of honor. One of Bella and Anton getting married. Now we see a current picture of Bella. She’s just as beautiful as she was when we last saw her. She’s just more mature.


DAHN ‘DAN’ LANG (40): We see a compilation of pictures of men: Clarence Carter, Tyler Carter, Bob Price, Coach Wisher, Scott Lane, and Andrew Carter. Now we see a picture of DAHN ‘DAN’ LANG. He is a Vietnamese American and a friend of the Carter’s. He seems very friendly.

We see several more pictures. Those we’ve lost: Lorraine Carter, Melissa Howard, Bob Price, Keith Curtis, Emilia Carter, Nick Curtis, Robin Warnock, Daphne Carter, Gary Kemper, Clarence Carter, Seth Kemper, and Kathy Carter, who died in between this story and the second story.

As the theme song comes to a close, we get a GROUP POSE shot of the entire CAST in the BASEMENT. Nancy is sitting in the middle of the couch, Jeff sitting on Nancy’s right and Veronica sitting on Nancy’s left. Sitting on the floor is Anna right below Jeff, Patrick sitting below Nancy and giving us creepy looks, and Luke sitting below Veronica. Scott is sitting at his usual chair on the right of the couch and Charlie is sitting on the chair on the left of the couch. Anton and Bella are standing at the open basement door as if they just walked in. In the middle behind the couch, exactly behind Nancy, is Tyler and Abby. Tyler has his arm around his pregnant wife. Next to Tyler, which is behind Jeff, is Andrew. Next to Abby, which is behind Veronica, is Dan. Sitting behind Scott on the washing machine is Vicki. Sitting in the very back on the stairs is Clarence II. The entire cast turns and stares at us like they’re aware that we’re watching them. Like both of the first two, the GROUP POSE has the Law & Order: SVU vibe to it.

Chapter 3

At the Carter’s, it’s a typical morning. TYLER and ABBY CARTER (both 29 and married) are now the head of the house. They’re at the table eating breakfast with the “kids”; Andrew’s exact copy of himself - dorky, wimpy, and scrawny of a son JEFF CARTER (19), Andrew’s beautiful yet badass daughter VERONICA CARTER (18), Tyler and Abby’s adopted son CLARENCE CARTER II (16), formerly known to us as “Little Man” even though he’s not little anymore, and, of course, our beloved NANCY CARTER (17).

Nancy is no longer the sweet, innocent, adorable child who melted our hearts in the first two story.. She has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Still innocent by the fact that she’s pure/still a virgin and sweet. She has come a long way since she was the scared, abused, and duped little girl who suffered so much. We still love and adore her. Proud of her maturing into a woman. She looks exactly like her mother. The Late Lorraine Carter.

ANDREW CARTER (50), bearded, has somewhat of a belly, enters the kitchen and goes straight to the coffee pot.

ANDREW: Morning.


NANCY & CLARENCE: Hey, Uncle Andrew!


TYLER: You going to have any breakfast?

ANDREW: No, thanks. I’m good with just the coffee.

It hurts Jeff and Veronica to see their father the way he appears now. He use to be known for being skinny, hairless, and baby-faced. Now he looks tired, beer-belly, worn-out, and older than his age.

As Andrew drinks his coffee, he glances at his niece. Memories of his late sister enters his mind as Nancy repeats the same routines that Lorraine went through. Nancy takes notice of her Uncle watching her.

NANCY: You okay, Uncle Andrew? Something wrong?

ANDREW: No. It’s just that...You look like your mother more everyday.

Nancy smiles. He’s not the only person who sees her mother in her. Her older brother Tyler even notices this. He, too, is having flashbacks of Lorraine as he watches Nancy.

The sliding glass door opens and ANTON and BELLA CARTER (both 31 and married) walk in along with their twins NICHOLAS ‘NICKY’ CURTIS CARTER and LORRAINE ‘RAIN’ KATHERINE CARTER (both 6) named after their late grandparents Nick Curtis and Lorraine Carter.

Anton and Bella fell in love in between stories. Bella originally had feelings for her cousin Tyler but has since gotten over it. Anton made the first move but Bella original turned him down even though she liked him, too. But she did so because he’s Tyler brother. Tyler was able to convince her to change her mind. They were married in 2002.

Nicky and Rain share a major unique bloodline with the main characters. They are Carter’s through their father Anton, Curtis’s through their mother Bella, and Charlie’s grandkids. They are also cousins to Jeff and Veronica, whom are Carter’s through their father Andrew. But Price’s through their late mother Daphne. Nicky and Rain are also Tyler's nieces and nephew through his brother Anton but his second cousins through his cousin Bella. The circle is nearly complete with the original friends.

ANTON: Morning.

TYLER: Hey, guys.

NICKY & RAIN: Hi, Uncle Tyler.

ABBY: Have you guys had breakfast yet?

ANTON: Not yet. We were thinking of going someplace before taking them to daycare.


NICKY: I don’t like daycare.

RAIN: The kids are mean.

BELLA: But we have no place for you to stay.

The kids begin to pout.

ABBY: I can watch them.

ANTON: Really?

BELLA: Are you sure?

ABBY: Yeah. I can use the practice again.

Abby gets up from her seat and we finally understand why she wants the practice. She’s eight months pregnant. Everyone gets up to help her but she waves it off.

ABBY: It’s okay. Thanks. I got it.

Abby picks up her plate and takes it to the sink. Bella turns to her.

BELLA: How are you feeling?

ABBY: Like I’m going to explode. I’m tired. But I’m excited. Just one more month until this is all over.

BELLA: I know what you mean. It may not feel so great but…(turns and looks at her kids)’s all worth it. I wouldn’t ever trade this for anything else.

Abby smiles. She’s excited about having her first kid. She loves and adores Nancy and Clarence as her own. But this will be her very first child that she gives birth to. Every parent knows that nothing can beat that.

BELLA: (referring to the twins) They like eggs and bacon. Take care of my babies.

ABBY: I will.

The smiling and interaction between Abby and Bella shows us that they’ve come a long way from being the young teenage girls who fought over Tyler and danced off drunk. They’re best friends and like sisters now. They’ve matured together.

Meanwhile, Tyler and Anton, whom also had trust issues when they first met, have become best friends as well. They never think about any possibilities of them being killers. They trust each other.

Anton and Bella give their kids kisses goodbye.

ANTON: Be good for Uncle Tyler and Aunt Abby.

NICKY & RAIN: We will.

At Clearwood High School, Nancy and Veronica (who was held back a year) are both in the same English class. Nearby Veronica is her boyfriend LUKE BUCHANAN (18). He’s tall, blonde, goofy jock-like. Very much like the late Nick Curtis.

Sitting nearby Nancy is a guy looking at her. He reminds us of how Tyler and Anton were like when we first met them. Shady, suspicious, and creepy. He’s giving Nancy looks. We can’t tell if he wants to hurt her or if he just likes her. His name is PATRICK VILLANE (17).

Nancy finally notices that he’s giving her the look. She turns to him and their eyes are locked together. She smiles at him and he smiles back. They don’t even have to speak. There are sparks between them and their eyes are “hitting it off” immediately. An automatic and immediate attraction between them.

Veronica notices this. She leans to her little cousin to whisper something into her ear.

VERONICA: His name is Patrick Villane. He just moved here from Seattle.

NANCY: Thanks, Veronica.

Veronica sneaks behind Nancy and hisses for Patrick’s attention. He turns and gives her his attention.

VERONICA: (whispering to Patrick) Her name is Nancy Carter. She’s my cousin. Single. And a good girl.

NANCY: (embarrassed) Thank you very much for that, Veronica.

VERONICA: No problem.

Veronica smiles. Trying to play matchmaker for Nancy.

At the LOCAL MECHANIC, Tyler is working under a car. Another mechanic DAHN “DAN” LANG (40s), youthful appearance, Vietnamese-born American, crawls out from under another car that he’s working on.

DAN: (to Tyler) How’s Abby doing?

TYLER: She’s still hanging in there. We’ve got only one more month left before the baby comes.

DAN: I bet you’re excited for that. I have a daughter myself. I don’t see much of her anymore since she’s been going out and doing stuff with her new boyfriend and friends.

TYLER: Must be rough. Nancy is seventeen. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my “little girl.”

DAN: They grow older but they never leave you fully. They will come back when they need your help.

TYLER: True.

DAN: How is Nancy doing?

TYLER: Just being a normal teenage girl. She’s nothing like how our mother was. She’s shy, sweet, and innocent. She’s a good girl.

DAN: That’s good to hear.

TYLER: She’s grown up. I can feel it. Anytime now she’s gonna come home with a guy. And I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. She’s still my little sister. I will never forget that sweet little girl who I rescued from her abusive father.

At the school’s cafeteria, Nancy puts her lunch tray on the middle of an empty table. She begins eating when she, as well as do we, sense a presence approach her. She looks up to find PATRICK.

PATRICK: Nancy Carter, I presume.

NANCY: Yes, I am. You’re Patrick Villane.

Patrick gives her a charming smile does a bow-nod.

PATRICK: At your service, mi’lady.

Nancy snickers. He’s so charming, handsome, and charismatic.

NANCY: What are you up to?

PATRICK: (as he sits across from her) Just having lunch right now. I’m new so I don’t know what all I’m doing here. I got social studies next. At least math is the first class I have for the day. I freaking hate math.

NANCY: I like math.

PATRICK: I suck at it. I just started and I’m already not doing well with it. I wish I had some help.

NANCY: I can help you.

PATRICK: Really?

NANCY: Yeah. I’m done with my homework so maybe after school we can go to my place and I can help you if you want.

PATRICK: I’d love that.

NANCY: Then we’ll do it. We can go to my house and we’ll study.

PATRICK: So, would your parents mind if I came over?

NANCY: Well, my mom and dad are dead. I live with my brother and his wife. The house we live in use to be our Grandparents before they died.

PATRICK: I’m sorry to hear that.

NANCY: I’m use to it. The thing is…

Nancy is very hesitant to tell him. But she likes him. She doesn’t know him but he seems like someone that she can trust and talk to. The chemistry and connection is there. So she takes the chance and goes for it.

NANCY: You ever heard of the Clearwood murders?

Patrick thinks for a moment. A light suddenly pops on in his head.

PATRICK: I think I have. When we were moving here, we were told that a little girl and her big brother were fighting off masked serial killers who turned out to be their long lost older sister and I think her boyfriend, whom the little girl had a crush on. Or something of the sort. Yeah, I’ve heard of that story. Why?

Nancy thinks for a moment. Debating rather or not to tell him the rest.

NANCY: I’m that little girl. My brother Tyler is the older brother you’ve heard about. Our sister...Emilia...was the killer. She was aided by her former foster brother, Sam Kemper, who became her boyfriend and the father of his child. He infiltrated my school and posed as a P.E. coach to get close to me. He used my seven year old mind and heart to get me to like him and trust him.

Patrick is shocked to learn this. He didn’t see this coming.

PATRICK: (stutters) Wow. I...I...I don’t know what to say, Nancy. I’m sorry that you had to go through all of that. I’m amazed to see you here...alive and strong.

NANCY: I am strong. I faced three serial killers. I watched people who I love die. I was abused by my father for the first six years of my life. I was kidnapped by my own sister and then I watched her die when Tyler made the only choice he could to stop her from killing innocent people. I’ve had a hard time trusting people since.

Patrick pats her hand and gives her a sincere smile.

PATRICK: You can trust me. I would never hurt you. And I’ll never let anyone else hurt you.

Patrick smiles and Nancy smiles back. They like each other. Nancy wants to believe him. She wants to trust him. But she’s afraid. It’s been ten years. It would be silly if the murders suddenly happened again. But she’s still afraid that this cute guy she likes could be another Alex Wisher.

Suddenly everyone in the school starts gasping, talking loudly, has that sense of shock and fear vibe. This confuses Nancy and Patrick.

PATRICK: What the heck is going on here?

NANCY: I have no idea.

Veronica, Luke, and another couple DANI, a cute brunette, and BRIAN, brown hair, (both 17) fastly approached her.

VERONICA: Oh, my God. Nancy, something horrible has happened.

NANCY: What’s going on.

VERONICA: Brandon Moore and Jackie Swayne were murdered last night.

NANCY: (shocked) What?!

VERONICA: Yeah. That’s not the worst part of it.

NANCY: What’s the worst part?

VERONICA: They have a recorded video on Brandon’s phone. Their killer was wearing...Emilia and Sam’s mask.

Nancy is in shock. Her heart is racing. She turns to Patrick. How ironic that she was just talking to him about her past and suddenly there’s a new murder revolving around a mask of her past. She looks into Patrick’s eyes. Fear and disbelieve strike her. Is Patrick responsible? Afterall, he likes her, approached her first, and talked to her so friendly...much like Emilia, Sam/Alex, and Gary.

Chapter 4

At the police station, MALLORY SWAYNE (mid 40s), Jackie’s mother, is crying while speaking to DET. STEVE WYLER (early 30s).

WYLER: Mrs. Swayne. I’m so sorry for your loss. I just have a couple of questions for you. Do you think that you are up for that?

MALLORY: I think so.

Wyler slides over a cup of water to the grieving mother.

WYLER: Do you have any idea who would be angry enough at your daughter and her boyfriend to kill them both?

MALLORY: There is one person. Someone I’ve been afraid of for my daughter. Her ex-boyfriend Zach Willis. He was obsessed with her. He stalked her. He became so possessive that she dumped him. He got so angry that he hit her. One day, we came home and found him climbing out of her bedroom window. He threatened to kill her. We had to get a restraining order on him.

Later, Wyler and his partners CORLISS (male in late 30s), GALIER (female in mid 30s), and their CAPTAIN WALLACE (female in early to mid 40s) are doing paper work and some computer work when a phone beeps. Corliss checks the phone. He is alerted by the contents sent to the phone.

CORLISS: We got a hit on the phone that was used to send the videos to Brandon Moore. It’s coming from Zach Willis’s house.

WYLER: The ex-boyfriend. Jackie’s mom suspects him. He has a violent history against the Swayne’s.

WALLACE: Go get him!

The SWAT team lead by WYLER, CORLISS, and GALIER (all in vests) surround the Willis home.


By his orders, SWAT break the front door open. The entire team rush in.


They search the entire house. They find Zach’s bedroom. They barge in. A confused Zach puts his hands up as the police throw him to the floor.

Wyler, Corliss, and Galier search his bedroom. Corliss uses his phone to call another phone. The phone is heard ringing. Wyler opens the closet. Inside is the PHONE used to send Brandon Moore the threatening videos. Also inside the closet is the BLACK JACKET, GHOSTFACE MASK, and a BLOODY KNIFE!

Zach is genuinely confused by all of this.

ZACH: I’ve never seen that before. What is that? What is going on here?

Galier begins cuffing Zach.

WYLER: Zach Willis, you’re under arrest for the murders of Jackie Swayne and Brandon Moore.

Zach is shocked and struck hard by the news that his ex-girlfriend has been murdered.

ZACH: Jackie is dead?

WYLER: Yeah! I suppose you already knew that since you did it. Take him out of here.

Zach is led out by the police.

Outside the Willis house, there is a large crowd with a news reporter JENNIFER “JC” CARISI (30s) reporting the news as Zach is being escorted to a police car.

As JC makes the report, we see SCOTT LANE (50), CHARLIE (50), and Anton watching the news from the still in business WAVE.

JC: Police have arrested Zach Willis, ex-boyfriend of Jackie Swayne, for her murder and the murder of her boyfriend Brandon Moore. Police have confirmed that their murderer was wearing the same mask and costume that Emilia Carter, Sam Kemper, and Gary Kemper wore during their murder spree ten years back. However, evidence shows that Moore and Swayne’s murders are unrelated to the infamous Clearwood Murders. According to sources, the young couple may have been killed by Willis out of a jealous rage. With Willis arrested, police are confident that this is the end and that this is just an isolated incident. I’m Jennifer Carisi, reporting to you live in Clearwood.

Within the crowd, we see from behind the REAL KILLER. GHOSTFACE. Most likely unmasked. With the back of his hooded head facing us...we don’t see his face, obviously. It’s now that we realize that the police have arrested the wrong person. Ghostface has framed Zach Willis for Brandon Moore and Jackie Swayne’s murders.

At the WAVE, Scott is behind the counter while Charlie and Anton are sitting on chairs nearby. They’re shocked but relieved at the same time.

SCOTT: At least this has nothing to do with us.

ANTON: They said it was a jealous boyfriend.

CHARLIE: Right. Kids are acting so stupid these days. Killing each other over high school relationships and stupid shit like that.

ANTON: I know, right?

SCOTT: At least they caught the guy before he killed anyone else. We don’t need another Emilia Carter and Sam Kemper running around in Clearwood again.

CHARLIE: (to Anton, changing the subject) How are my grandbabies?

ANTON: They’re doing great. They’re hanging out with their Aunt Abby.

CHARLIE: Oh, that’s nice. Yeah, Abby must be trying to get the hang of spending time with little kids again with her little one coming up.

ANTON: Mhmm.

SCOTT: How’s Tyler doing?

ANTON: He’s doing okay. Still working at the mechanic shop.

SCOTT: Do you know if there’s any plans for Clarence’s birthday?

ANTON: I haven’t heard anything. I can ask him when I pick up the kids later.

Outside Clearwood High School, Nancy, Patrick, Veronica, Luke, Dani, and Brian are sitting on the grass and talking. Patrick is sitting behind Nancy. He is sorta just added to the group so he just sits there and listens to their conversation rather than contributes to the conversation.

LUKE: So they’re saying that it has nothing to do with you guys. Zach Willis apparently killed Brandon and Jackie out of jealousy. He was stalking Jackie and threatened her. He just finally snapped.

DANI: I remember when they were dating. He said that if she ever left him and got with someone else, that he’d kill whoever stole her from him.

BRIAN: And he apparently did so last night as well as her.

VERONICA: That is just sad and messed up.

NANCY: But why did he use Emilia’s mask?

Patrick turns to Nancy when she asks that. We don’t understand what his facial expression means or why he decided to react the way he did when she asked that question.

VERONICA: That’s what I’d like to know.

DANI: I heard that Zach is denying it all. He claims that he never seen the mask before. But they said that they have found the receipt that proved that he bought the mask with his own card. Also the knife used to kill Jackie apparently belonged to his father. So he has not given a reason to why he wore the mask as he’s still denying it.

VERONICA: He’s just a sick person. He wore the mask to put fear on them. Everyone knows Emilia’s mask. They associate it to murder. (turns to Nancy) This is not about us. It was about fear and rage against an ex-girlfriend. Someone he was obsessed with. And he used Emilia’s mask to instill fear in her before killing her.

NANCY: Well, at least he was caught. Do they know if he was working alone?

VERONICA: Nancy, don’t worry. It was just Zach. A pissed off, jealous, angry guy. He’s not Emilia or Wisher or Gary. He was just a stupid kid doing stupid things over stupid reasons. You have nothing to worry about.

Nancy sighs and takes a deep breath. She nods her head. Finally agrees with them.

NANCY: You’re right. I’m just letting my fears get to me. I mean it’s been ten years. How could it be happening again?

VERONICA: Exactly. A third killing spree probably would have already happened a long time ago.

Nancy smiles.

NANCY: Right. It’s all done and over with it.

With that idea gone, Nancy turns to Patrick and gives him a smile. He smiles back. She can go back to being a teenage girl who likes this new guy next to her.

NANCY: Still wanna come over to study?

PATRICK: Absolutely. If you’re up to it.

NANCY: I am so up to it.

They smile.


NANCY: Let’s go.

They get up and walk off. Veronica turns to Luke, Dani, and Brian.

VERONICA: So what do you guys think of Patrick?

DANI: He’s cute.

BRIAN: Seems like a nice guy.

LUKE: Very charismatic from what I’ve seen.

VERONICA: What do you think? Get those two together?

BRIAN: Hell, yeah.

DANI: I’d love to see Nancy have someone in her life. She deserves it. Afterall she’s been through. She deserves a guy in her life.

VERONICA: It’s been hard on her. She hasn’t trusted many new people. Especially guys who’ve liked her.

BRIAN: Because of Sam Kemper?

VERONICA: Yeah. Because Sam, posing as Alex Wisher, tricked her into trusting him. She hasn’t had a boyfriend or allowed herself to get close to a guy ever since.

DANI: That’s so sad. Patrick seems like a nice guy. She should give him a chance. I notice that she does like him.

LUKE: Yeah, he reminds me of someone.

DANI: He does look familiar.

Veronica thinks for a moment.

VERONICA: He does sorta look like Tyler.

Veronica takes out her phone.

VERONICA: Luke, get your phone out and look up Patrick Villane on “Personal Book.”

Luke takes out his phone and looks Patrick up while Veronica finds Tyler on her friends list of her own Personal Book. They pop up the pictures of both Tyler and Patrick. They compare it.

Everyone gasps and is shocked. Tyler and Patrick share a striking resemblance. Patrick looks exactly like how Tyler looked when we first met him in the first story. Young, handsome, shady, dark-haunting eyes, Jim Morrisonesque. Not to mention they’re both listed as being 5’10.”

Now the questions are; Does Nancy notice this resemblance? If so, does she secretly have sexual feelings for Tyler or is this the classic case of Nancy being attracted to someone who resembles a parent and/or close relative?

(Note: Scientist have proven that most people will be attracted to someone who resembles or shares the same traits or features of their parents or close relatives like siblings or cousins. As this is a common thing, Nancy being attracted Patrick due to his resemblance to Tyler is neither uncommon nor bad. It does not mean she has any sexual feelings for Tyler. But I am going somewhere with this.)

Meanwhile, in the basement of the Carter’s, we find Andrew on the couch. It’s clear to us now that Andrew has taken over the basement as his bedroom. Nancy and Veronica share Lorraine’s old bedroom and Jeff has Scott’s old bedroom in the basement.

Andrew is staring at a framed photo of himself, Daphne, Clarence, and Kathy during much happier times. He has tears streaming down his face as he privately mourns his wife and parents.

Suddenly the basement door opens. Andrew quickly wipes away his tears, getting rid of any evidence of his sadness, and puts the picture back on the stand next to the couch. Walking in is Jeff and his beautiful ASIAN-AMERICAN girlfriend ANNA MOSS (18). She’s tiny, skinny, but cute as hell. Reminds us of Riley Marra.

JEFF: Hey, Dad.

ANNA: Hi, Dad!

Anna puts her arms around Andrew, who responds by giving her a kiss on the cheek.

ANDREW: Hey, sweetie. How are you?

ANNA: I’m good.

By how Anna refers to Andrew as “Dad,” as well as her putting her arms around him, and by Andrew responding by kissing her on the cheek and calling her “sweetie”, we get the sense that Anna has been with Jeff for a few years and that she’s now part of the family.

ANDREW: That’s good. What have you guys been to?

JEFF: We went bowling and hung out at her grandparents’.

ANDREW: Oh, that’s great.

JEFF: Did you hear about what happened last night?

Andrew sadly nods.

ANDREW: I did. But at least we know why that happened. They got him and it’s over. I’d rather not talk about it, son. It has nothing to do with us.

JEFF: Right. Sorry, Dad.

ANDREW: It’s okay. Uh, so, Tyler and Abby has told me that on Saturday there is a birthday party for Clarence. They wanted to know if you guys would be here for that.

They smile in agreement.

ANNA: Sure.

JEFF: Of course. I wouldn’t miss my cousin’s birthday.


Andrew turns his head away from them. Signaling that he’s having one of his moments where he can’t talk anymore. Jeff knows what this means.

JEFF: (to Anna) Wanna go upstairs?

ANNA: Sure.

Jeff takes her hand and they run up the basement stairs. Once they’re gone, Andrew grabs a beer and starts drinking as he continues to look at his family picture.

Andrew has a determined look on his face.

ANDREW: I know what I must do.

Chapter 5

A red car enters the neighborhood. We find that the driver is Nancy with Patrick as her passenger. “Roadhouse Blues” by The Doors is playing and Nancy is singing along to it. She obviously picked up her love for The Doors from Tyler and Abby.

NANCY: (singing along) Keep your eyes on the road. Your hands upon the wheel. Keep your eyes on the road. Your hands upon the wheel.

We find that Patrick is a Doors fan himself. He, too, is singing along.

PATRICK: (sings along) Going to the roadhouse. We’re going to have a real good time.

NANCY: (continues) Yeah, back at the Roadhouse they got some bungalows. Yeah, back at the Roadhouse they got some bungalows.

PATRICK: (continues) And that's for the people who like to go down slow.

NANCY & PATRICK: (together) Let it roll, baby, roll! Let it roll, baby, roll! Let it roll, baby, roll! Let it roll, all night long!

They laugh.

NANCY: Oh, my God. I didn’t know that you like The Doors.

PATRICK: You kidding? I love The Doors.

NANCY: My brother Tyler loves The Doors. He and Abby got me into it.

PATRICK: They like The Doors, too?

NANCY: Oh, my God. It was my seventh birthday and Abby and Bella were fighting over Tyler. So they did a dance off to The Doors music, trying to impress him. They were all so drunk, especially Tyler, that he didn’t even know that they were doing it for him.

PATRICK: Oh, wow!

NANCY: Yeah. It was crazy stuff.

Nancy parks her car on the curb in front of the Carter house. They get out of her car.

PATRICK: Nice looking house.

NANCY: Thanks.

PATRICK: So this is happened?

NANCY: Yeah. Just do me a favor and, please, don’t mentioned any of that stuff in front of Tyler.

PATRICK: Okay. That’s cool.

NANCY: Thanks.

Nancy walks towards the driveway with Patrick following her.

NANCY: You’re gonna love Tyler and Abby. They’re really great.

They walk into the sliding glass door. Abby has just finished some kitchen chores.

NANCY: Hi, Abby.

ABBY: Hey, Little Sis.

They hug and kiss each other. Patrick just stands there. Shy and nervous. He isn’t sure how to greet the pregnant woman.

NANCY: Abby, this is my new friend Patrick Villane. He just moved here from Seattle. I’m going to help him with his math.

Abby is surprised by Patrick’s strong resemblance to Tyler. But she won’t say anything about it. She continues to be her normal sweet and polite self.

ABBY: Hello, Patrick. I’m Abby Carter, Nancy’s sister-in-law.

We see a shadowy figure hanging around the entryway of the kitchen and dining room. We cut to a SHOT OF THE PERSON. We only see him from behind. The dining room lights are off and the windows are shaded by the blinds. So we only see a silhouette of the person spying on Patrick and Nancy. His focus is mostly on Patrick. His eyes tells us that he’s not exactly jumping for joy over Patrick’s presence.

PATRICK: It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Carter.

ABBY: Oh, please. Call me Abby.


Patrick shakes her hand but is careful about getting close to her pregnant belly. He is very shy and nervous. Abby takes notice of it.

ABBY: It’s okay. It won’t hurt if you got closer. Just a baby inside.

PATRICK: How long do you have left until you’re due?

ABBY: Just one more month. I am ready for this child to come out and be part of this family.

PATRICK: I bet. Sounds exciting.

ABBY: Oh, it is.

Nancy smiles as she watches her new crush and her sister talking. Patrick, while being shy and nervous, is trying to be polite and courteous to Abby. All Abby can think of is how much Nancy’s new friend looks so much like her husband. He even talks and acts like Tyler.

Abby looks back at the shadowy figure. Though we don’t, she can see the look on his face. It’s a signal.

ABBY: Nancy, I’m gonna need some help upstairs. Do you mind if I borrow you for a moment?

NANCY: Sure. (to Patrick) I’ll be right back.


Nancy and Abby walk to the door to the living room.

ABBY: (whispers) He’s cute. You like him?

NANCY: Abby!

ABBY: I’m just asking.

They go through the door to the living room. Patrick is now alone. He is unaware of the shadowy figure that is staring at him.

FIGURE: Hello, young man.

Patrick is startled. He finally sees the shadowy figure.

PATRICK: (nervously) Um...hello.

FIGURE: How did you meet Nancy?

PATRICK: I sit nearby her in English class. We said hello, had lunch, and just made plans to study. She’s a really nice girl. Very pretty, too.

FIGURE: So you like her?

PATRICK: I just met her. But I think I do. She’s really something.

FIGURE: What made you decide to talk to her.

Patrick decides to be honest.

PATRICK: I saw a cute girl. She seemed nice and friendly. So why the heck not, right?

FIGURE: Right. She is beautiful and she means the world to me so…

The Figure steps out and reveals himself to be….TYLER.

TYLER: Be careful around my baby sister.

Patrick is surprised by Tyler’s appearance. They are the same height and have the same facial features. Only difference is that Tyler is older with shorter hair now.


TYLER: Is there a problem?

PATRICK: I looking in the mirror or seeing things, man?

TYLER: I wonder the same. We certainly bare a striking resemblance to each other. Which makes me more concerned on why you approached her.

PATRICK: I had no idea that we look alike. All I saw was Nancy. She didn't even say anything to me. I don’t even think she even noticed. I swear. All I wanted to do was talk to Nancy. I kind of like her.

Tyler approaches him and puts his arm around the younger men. His posture and the fire in his eyes makes Patrick nervous and uncomfortable. Tyler is doing this on purpose.

This is Tyler becoming Nancy's “father” rather than her brother. He is so protective of her.

TYLER: Look, if you want to date my sister, you better watch what you do with her. Be good to her. Break her heart and I break you... you understand?

PATRICK: Yes, sir.

TYLER: Good. Take care of her.

PATRICK: I will.

In the basement, Jeff and Anna watch as Andrew is packing his bag.They’re shocked by the decision that he’s made.

JEFF: You’re really going to do this?

ANDREW: I have to. It’s been ten years since your mother died. I must go out there and find myself. You know reinvent myself. So I’m going to take a trip. But first I’m going to my favorite bar and then to the Clearwood Eight Motel for the night.

ANNA: I think it’s great that you’re finally putting yourself out there and to clean up. It’s good. You’re starting a new life.

JEFF: Yeah, Dad. I’m proud of you.

Nancy comes downstairs with Patrick.

NANCY: Hey, guys. This is Patrick Villane. He’s new from Seattle.

Andrew, Jeff, and Anna turn to greet Nancy’s new friend but they find themselves taken aback by his strong resemblance to Tyler.

ANDREW: Whoa, young bare a striking resemblance to…

PATRICK: (Not wanting Nancy to know) Jim Morrison? Yes. I get that a lot.

The three (Andrew, Jeff, and Anna) look at each other. It’s obvious by how Patrick said that and how Nancy is reacting to him that she hasn’t seen the resemblance between her brother and her new guy friend. They decide to play along.

ANDREW: Exactly! Identical.

ANNA: I can’t tell the difference between you and Morrison.

JEFF: The best look alike I’ve seen in years.

Nancy turns to him and finally notices his resemblance to…Jim Morrison. Still hasn’t seen Tyler in him yet.

NANCY: Oh, wow. You do look exactly like Jim. Wow. Can’t believe I just now noticed that. You’re very handsome.

Patrick is surprised by her compliment to him. The other three smile. They can see that Nancy likes him.

PATRICK: Thanks.

Nancy just realized what she just said to him in front of others. She tries to fix her embarrassment.

NANCY: What I mean is that Jim was a very handsome guy. And you look just like him. So, yeah, you’re very handsome like Jim.

PATRICK: I know what you mean.

They smile at each other. Nancy is forgetting again that she’s adoring her new friend in front of others. This is the first time that Nancy has allowed herself to put her guard down and crush on someone again since Alex Wisher ten years ago.

Later in the kitchen, Andrew is all packed and preparing to leave. Tyler and Nancy are preparing to say goodbye to him.

TYLER: Although I’m glad you’ve decided to do this but I hope you know what you’re doing.

ANDREW: I know what I’m doing, son. I got a handle on this.

TYLER: Just looking out for you, Uncle Andrew. You know I love you.

ANDREW: I love you, too, Tyler.

The two men hug each other. Andrew gives Tyler a kiss on the head.

ANDREW : Take care of my kids.

TYLER: You know I will.

ANDREW: (to Nancy) Come here, sweetheart.

Andrew and Nancy hug. They give each other kisses on the lips.

ANDREW: I love you, sweetie.

NANCY: I love you, too, Uncle Andrew.

They release each other. Andrew smiles as he gives his niece and nephew a glance.

ANDREW: Just look at the two of you. I wish your mother were still alive. She would have been proud of you two.

They smile but with sadness.

ANDREW: Well, goodbye, you two. I’ll see you when I get back.

NANCY: Goodbye, Uncle Andrew.

TYLER: Have a safe trip.

ANDREW: I will.

As they watch their Uncle leave with his bags, Tyler and Nancy put their arms around each other. A father/brother-daughter/sister moment between them. It’s clear to us that Tyler is officially Nancy’s father these days rather than being her brother. Something hinted at in the previous stories.

That night, Nancy drives up to a nice two-story house. This is Patrick’s house. In the car, Nancy stops the music so that they can have a few words before he gets out.

PATRICK: Thanks for all of your help. I feel like I can actually do this now.

NANCY: No problem. It was my pleasure.

They smile at each other. But now they’re alone. It’s clear even to each other now that they like each other.

PATRICK: But thanks just for being with me tonight. I really enjoyed spending time with you.

NANCY: I did, too. I would love to spend more time with you again.

PATRICK: Maybe we could go on a date?

NANCY: I would love that.

They smile and their eyes are locked together again like they were at school. Patrick moves his hand towards her and she follows. Their hands grab each other until they’re holding hands. Nancy and Patrick slowly lean towards each other and then...they kiss...Nancy’s first kiss.

Nancy gasps.

PATRICK: Are you okay?

NANCY: Yeah. It’s just that…you just gave me my first kiss.

PATRICK: Really?

NANCY: Yeah.

PATRICK: Did you like it?

Nancy gives him a beautiful smile.

NANCY: I loved it.

Patrick then goes for the big one. They begin not just kissing...but total full make out session. Nancy’s first make out. The first time she’s giving/getting tongue with a guy. How did this happen? When did our adorable little Nancy, who melted our hearts in the first two stories, grow up to be this beautiful young lady who is now making out in her car? Where did our little girl go?

They stop kissing and smile. They cannot believe that this has happened.

PATRICK: I’ll see you tomorrow.

NANCY: (smiling) Okay.

Patrick gives her one more kiss before getting out of her car. Nancy watches as he walks into his house. He’s got a big smile on his face.

Nancy has a big smile on her face as well. She’s so excited. Not only did she get her first kiss...but she’s been asked out. She feels so loved right now.

NANCY: (excited) Oh, my God!

Nancy sighs. Her reaction to Patrick reminds us of how Abby reacted to Tyler when they first met in the previous story. We even predicted that Nancy would become very much like Abby when she grew up. And she did. They’re both innocent and sweet compared to other girls their ages.

Nancy speeds off with The Doors music blaring. Excited and happy. Nothing can ruin her happiness right now...or can there?

Chapter 6

At a bar, Andrew is drinking some hard liquor with beer. He’s getting drunk. He’s watching the news. MAYOR GREG WALKER (late 40s) is making a speech that regards to the murders.

WALKER: (on TV) Police have investigated and made an arrest. They are confident that they’ve captured the killer responsible for the murders of Brandon Moore and Jackie Swayne. They believe that this is an isolated incident. Despite the fact that the killer was wearing the mask of the infamous Clearwood Slasher, I’d like to assure my fellow Clearwood citizens, these murders has no relations to the Clearwood murders that took place over ten years ago. Everyone is safe now. The police are confident that these murders are over.

Not far from Andrew is NORM PETERSON (late 30s - asshole version of the CHEERS character played by George Wendt), a big fat guy, who is drunk.

NORM: (slurring) That crazy bitch Emilia is back. She’s gonna murder everyone in Clearwood including that stupid fucking Carter family of hers.

Andrew angrily turns to Norm. The man is unaware of Andrew’s presence as he continues to talk crap about the Carter family and continues on with his claims that Emilia is alive and murdering people again.

NORM: The Carter family is gonna get butchered. That little Nancy chick is gonna get slaughtered. And her cousins, too.

Andrew has had it. He gets up and approaches Norm.

NORM: You got a problem, fella?

ANDREW: Hell, yeah, I got a problem. You’re insulting my family.

This confuses Norm and the other barflies.

NORM: What are you talking about, man? I’m just talking about how that Nancy chick and her cousins are gonna get slaughtered by that Emilia psycho.

ANDREW: (pulling out his ID) Andrew Carter...Uncle of Nancy and Emilia Carter.

All the other barflies get up and back away from Andrew like he’s cursed or is carrying a contagious disease. Only Norm still remains in front of Andrew. Not afraid of him.

NORM: So you’re a Carter? Well, you and your family are so fucked. Whenever there is a Clearwood killer out there...a Carter or someone close to them dies. So if I were you, I’d get your family and get the fuck out of Clearwood before you cause more people to die.

ANDREW: Are you blaming my family for the murders?

NORM: It’s your fault, isn’t it? Shaming your dead sister into a whore, forcing her to give up her baby girl who became a killer. Putting so much shame into your family that it made your biracial niece snap and kill people including your wife?

Andrew snaps. He grabs Norm and decks him in the face.


Norm punches back and a fight erupts between the two drunken men. Despite Norm’s large size and, of course, Andrew’s reputation for being a weak-skinny-dork in the past, Andrew actually kicks the crap out of Norm. A few customers has to pull Andrew off of Norm.


Andrew is thrown out of the bar.

ANDREW: FINE! I’m out of here!

Andrew just walks off.

At the Clearwood Eight Motel, Andrew walks to his motel room. His room is 32. Right next to his door is the door to room 31. Andrew unlocks his room’s door and walks in. He slams the door shut.

In Andrew’s room, Andrew removes his jacket and just collapses on the bed.

ANDREW: Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! Busy day tomorrow.

Outside of Andrew’s motel room, we see Norm being helped by one of the barflies up to his motel to Andrew’s room. Norm still has a bottle of beer in his hand. Still drinking.

BARFLY: Alright, Norm. We’re here.

NORM: Oh, good. I can sleep it off now. That Carter guy socked me a good one.

BARFLY: Don’t you worry about him, Norm. You just come on in and sleep for the night.

NORM: Sounds great.

The Barfly unlocks the door and helps Norm in. The Barfly escorts Norm to the bed. The fat drunk just drops to the bed and begins sleeping immediately.

BARFLY: Goodnight, Norm.

NORM: (mumbles) Night…

Outside Norm and Andrew’s motel rooms, we see the Barfly leave Norm’s room and shuts the door behind him. He passes a motel room. This room’s door is open and it’s dark inside. Once the barfly passes by the door, we see a pair of legs wearing BLACK BOOTS and BLACK PANTS walking out of the room. We come to realize that this is GHOSTFACE.

Ghostface slowly and calmly walks over to Norm’s motel room door. He pulls out a card and slides it through the card slider. This unlocks the door. Ghostface walks into Norm’s motel room.

Ghostface finds Norm passed out. Snoring. Laying on his back. His fat belly, facing up, flabbing around like a wave as he snores. He has dropped his beer bottle on the floor. Ghostface slowly approaches him...then bends down and picks up the beer bottle.

Ghostface continues to stare at the snoring Norm. Is he going to kill him? What is his plan with Norm?

But Ghostface, instead, turns around and walks out of Norm’s room. He leaves Norm’s door open and goes to Andrew’s door. With the beer bottle in his left hand, Ghostface uses his right hand to pull out another card key. He slides it in the slider of Andrew’s door. The door is unlocked

Ghostface walks in and finds Andrew, like Norm, passed out drunk. He slowly and calmly, just like he did with Norm, approaches Andrew. Once Ghostface approaches Andrew, he turns him around. The killer slaps Andrew awake.

ANDREW: What the fuck?

It takes Andrew a moment to realize what he’s seeing. The mask of the past. The same mask that attacked him twice and murdered his wife and father. He is horrified by this.

ANDREW: Who are you? What do you want?

Ghostface pulls out his voice changer and puts it against the mouth of the mask.

GHOSTFACE: To continue our family legacy.

ANDREW: Whose family? What legacy?

GHOSTFACE: Our family, Andrew. The Carters. The legacy that was started even way before Emilia. Nancy almost killed Sam Kemper, Tyler killed Sam and Emilia, Anton shot Sam, Clarence Sr. killed Gary and others in Vietnam, your Grandfather was a police officer who killed many people including innocent civilians, your great-great-great uncle was a killer who killed innocent people for money. You see...our family...the Carters have a history of killing people. It’s who we are. It’s in our blood. But now is the time for the Carters to rejoice and come together. Clearwood thought they knew death...but soon they will understand the real meaning of death. Because now the Carters shall soon come together to shed more blood. Clearwood will feel the wrath and power of the Carters. Our family!

ANDREW: You’re a Carter?

GHOSTFACE: Yes. I am a Carter. I am your own flesh and blood.


GHOSTFACE: Sorry, Andy. But that information is only for those worthy of being a Carter. And I’m afraid you just won’t make...the cut. You’re weak, unfit, unqualified, and out of shape. I’m afraid that I’m gonna have to cut you out!

Ghostface, holding the beer bottle by the top, shatters the bottom and raises the glass bottle in the air. Aiming for Andrew. Andrew, accepting his fate, closes his eyes.

Ghostface slams the beer bottle into Andrew. Constantly stabbing him. Blood splattering all over the walls and on the mask.

Andrew Carter, a major figure within the Carter family, is dead. Leaving behind his son Jeff and daughter Veronica as well as his niece Nancy and two nephews Anton and Tyler.

Ghostface casually and nonchalantly walks out of Andrew’s room and slips back into Norm’s room. The killer places the bloody beer bottle into Norm’s hand. Norm is unaware of this happening.

Ghostface walks out of the room...planting the evidence to appear like Norm was the one who murdered Andrew.

The next morning, the police have sealed off the entire motel. A white sheet is over Andrew’s body. Norm, having accepted responsibility because he was drunk, is escorted to a police car by police. Because Norm is cooperating and appears remorseful, they give him the courtesy of not handcuffing him.

NORM: (to himself) How could I have allowed myself to do this?

At the police station, Norm is in the interrogation room. He’s sobbing. He feels so much guilt and remorse. Wyler is interviewing him.

NORM: I don’t remember leaving the bar. I don’t know how I got back to the motel. I didn’t even know that Mr. Carter was staying in the motel next to me.

WYLER: Yet, you’re taking responsibility.

NORM: I must have. Right? It was my beer bottle. I could have been the only one to have done it. I can get violent when I’m drunk. My emotions while under the influence must have taken over when I blacked out. Oh, God. What have I done? I’m so sorry.

At the morgue, Tyler and Veronica are together to identify Andrew’s body. Veronica is sobbing as Tyler holds and comforts his younger cousin.

TYLER: (to coroner) That’s my uncle.

CORONER: So sorry for your loss.

Tyler holds Veronica tight as she loses it.

VERONICA: (sobbing) Daddy!

Jennifer “JC” Carisi is doing a report of the murder.

JC: Andrew Carter, Uncle of serial killer Emilia Carter, was murdered by Norman Peterson, a man who he got into a fight with at a local bar. It turns out that the two men were staying at the same motel in the rooms next to each other. Peterson doesn’t remember killing Carter as he was drunk at the time. But the evidence points to Peterson’s guilt. Upon being arrested, Peterson accepted responsibility for Carter’s murder. Carter is the third person to be murdered this week in a case of unrelated murders that are only connected to each other by the association of the Clearwood slasher murders. A few nights ago, Zach Willis murdered Brandon Moore and Jackie Swayne while wearing the mask that was worn by Carter’s niece during the infamous Clearwood murders.

At school, Nancy is walking slowly to her locker. She’s privately crying. Trying not to let it show in front of others. She goes to her locker and begins the combination.

PATRICK: (off screen) Nancy?

Nancy turns around to find Patrick standing there. Looking sorrow and ready to comfort her.

PATRICK: I’m so sorry about your uncle.

Nancy loses it. She drops into Patrick’s arms. Crying. Feeling comfortable enough be vulnerable within his hands and arms. And he takes care of her by holding her and comforting her. He kisses her head.

A few weeks later, Andrew’s funeral commences. The entire family is here; Tyler, Abby, Nancy, Clarence II, Veronica, Luke, Jeff, Anna, Scott, Charlie, Anton, Bella, Nicky, and Rain. Nancy sits by Tyler. Next to her is an empty chair. She’s saving the seat for Patrick.

Nancy texts him on her phone.

NANCY: (via text) Are you here yet?

PATRICK: (via text) I just got here. Going through the large field.

Nancy turns to the field and standing there is...GHOSTFACE. She is horrified. She closes her eyes. After a few seconds, she opens them...GHOSTFACE IS GONE.

Nancy looks hard into the field. She sees someone walking around. Is it Ghostface or is it Patrick or even worse...Is Patrick Ghostface?

NANCY: (to Tyler) I’ll be right back.

TYLER: Okay.

Nancy gets up and walks into the field. She sees the man. He’s facing away from her. He’s wearing a black hooded jacket. She approaches him and turns him around. It’s GHOSTFACE.

NANCY: Oh, my God! It can’t be.

As Ghostface stares at her, two other Ghostfaces come up side by side to the middle main Ghostface.

MIDDLE GHOSTFACE: You hurt us. We loved you, Nancy.

All three Ghostfaces remove their masks and reveals themselves to be EMILIA CARTER (middle), GARY KEMPER (Emilia’s left) and ALEX WISHER (Emilia’s right).


Emilia reveals herself as the killer in FOR LOVE & HONOR. Gary reveals himself at the school in THE HONOR CONTINUES. Wisher reveals himself as the killer by rubbing off the fake blood and bruise make up a few chapters later in THE HONOR CONTINUES.

BACK TO 2010.

Nancy is shocked by what she’s seeing. People who she once loved and trusted had revealed themselves as the dead...but are standing before her.

GARY: I was your friend.

EMILIA: I was your sister.

WISHER: I was your first love.

EMILIA: And your hurt us.


Tyler throws a knife into Emilia’s back, which kills her. Clarence shoots Gary in the head with his shotgun. Nancy stabs Wisher in the stomach with a pocketknife.

BACK TO 2010.

NANCY: YOU HURT ME! You made me trust you, you kidnapped me, you killed my family in front of scarred me! I was just a little girl!

EMILIA: We just wanted to protect you.

NANCY: You didn’t protect me. You traumatized me!

EMILIA: We wanted to protect you from him.

NANCY: From who?

A hand grabs Nancy from behind her. She spins around and finds...HER FATHER JOHN RILEY.

JOHN: Hello, Baby. Daddy still found you.

No longer a little girl anymore, Nancy tries to stay strong. She shows aggression her in tone and on her face.

NANCY: Leave me alone, Daddy. You’re dead. You all are.

JOHN: You hurt me, too, Nancy. You left me.

NANCY: You fucking abused me! You hit me. YOU TOUCHED ME! I You did horrible things to me! How could you do that to your own daughter? I was a little girl. You sick bastard!

JOHN: You hurt us all. You should pay the consequences for your actions.


Emilia, Wisher, and Gary grab Nancy. They are restraining her. She begins to scream and panic.


John raises the killer’s signature BUCK 120 KNIFE up. Preparing to kill Nancy.

JOHN: Goodbye, Nancy.


Nancy screams as John swings the knife at her, just like in her nightmare in the second story. As Nancy screams, the killers and John disappear, and someone’s hands are shaking Nancy. It’s PATRICK.


Nancy snaps out of it. She realizes it was just a daydream. They hug each other. He holds her.

NANCY: Where were you?

PATRICK: I got lost. I was trying to find my way around. I’m sorry I was late.

Tyler, Scott, Anton, and Clarence II run into the field, having heard Nancy scream. Tyler sees Patrick and automatically assumes the worst.


Tyler grabs Nancy and pushes Patrick away from her.

PATRICK: (being pushed) What are you…


PATRICK: I didn’t do anything to her.

TYLER: We heard her screaming! What did you do?

PATRICK: I didn’t do anything!

TYLER: Don’t lie to me.


TYLER: What?

NANCY: I saw the killer…(starts crying)...I saw Emilia, Coach Wisher, and Gary. And… father. I saw them. They tried to kill me.

PATRICK: She was just standing there screaming. She was daydreaming or something.

TYLER: Oh, really? How about maybe you dressing up as…

NANCY: He snapped me out of it, Tyler. I swear. He didn’t do anything to me.

Nancy thinks for a moment then becomes suspicious.

NANCY: Right? You didn’t do anything to me...did you?

PATRICK: No! Nancy. I would never hurt you. You know you can trust me.

NANCY: That’s what Coach Wisher said to me.

All eyes turn to Patrick. Is Patrick the killer or is Nancy imagining things?

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