Words appears on the black screen.

DEFINITION OF "PROXY": A person authorized to act on behalf of another.

DEFINITION OF "PROXY MURDER": when a person murders on behalf of someone else. Like a hitman killing for another person for money.

The sounds of sirens, police radio chatter, and vehicles screeching fades into the background.



Police are everywhere. An ambulance is nearby as well as a few corner's van. Cameras FLASHES on several dead bodies all around the house. A CROWD of On-Lookers gather by the front to witness the aftermath of the carnage. Police do what they can to keep them back.

A NEWS REPORTER reports in front of her cameraman of the night's events.

NEWS REPORTER: Tonight, the killer known as "The Heatherwood County Murderer" has struck again. Tonight six bodies have been found and a girl, Amy Frazier, is in critical condition. She and her friends were partying in the house just behind me when they tragically became victims of a brutal attacks by the murderer. No word yet on who the killer is or names of the victims. But as of right now; There are six deceased victims, a young girl in critical condition, and the killer is still on the loose.

The paramedics carrying out a WOUNDED GIRL, AMY (17), on a stretcher. She is bloodied and cut up. She is crying. In shock by the horrors, which she has survived. The crowd gasps when they see her, getting an idea what took place at this house tonight.