The Honor Story is the full story about the entire Honor fan fiction stories. From their completely different origins to what i has become evolved to. We will learn about everything from the stories, character, and trivia. Things we may remember or forget will be brought back. Things you may not have understood will be explained. But best of will get the full story about Donald Newton's most beloved and iconic fan fiction story about a family who stood by each other to the death.

The Prologue

The Honor Fan Fics are focused on The Carter family; Nancy, Tyler, Clarence, Kathy, Lorraine, and Andrew. A family with an incredible past. In many versions, their pasts are different. But they had major similarities to each other. In the backstory, Clarence was a tough, conservative, hardass father that was always hard on Andrew but spoiled Lorraine. Kathy was always the same. She never changed. She was a sweet, caring, and loving mother. Andrew was a skinny geeky wimp who only had his buddy Scott to defend him in fights. Lorraine was a slut who acted innocent around her father and scammed him by playing his little girl to get what she wanted. In her future, Lorraine matured to a mother figure who had many children as a result of her sleeping around. In total she would have four children; Emilia, Anton, Tyler, and Nancy. Tyler would become our heroic character who was rebellious, tough, and protective of his little sister. Nancy was the most adored character of all. She was the typical slasher little girl. Scared of the "scary man", vulnerable, adorable, and the one we root for to survive. She followed the image seen in Jamie Llyod in Halloween 4, Nancy in Friday the 13th Part 6, Caroline in Poltergeist.

Let's not forget the Carters' close friends who became family to them. Scott Lane is one of the most popular as he was a brother figure to Andrew, son figure to Clarence and Kathy, and hate/love relationship with Lorraine. Nick Curtis was the typical tall, handsome, male-whore, and stupid-idiot character that is seen in popular Scream characters like Stu and Jake. Charlie Rodriguez was the token minority. In the original version he was a black African-born who was a foreign exchange student. He was latere changed to Spanish, which is when he got his last name Rodriguez. Originally Charlie was just called Charlie. Charlie married Lorraine in order to stay in the country when his student visa expired on graduation day. But they divorced soon after Charlie got his green card. Melissa was Nick's longtime girlfriend. She was the token rich bitch who we all fell in love with because despite her bitchiness, deep down she was a caring person. She was meant to be this story's Brooke Maddox. Then there was Daphne. She was Andrew's tall, tomboy, badass yet beautiful longtime girlfriend. She was that girl who was everything. Hot, sexy, but knew how to be one of the boys who can be funny and fight when necessary.

Then there is the extended family. Andrew and Daphne got married and had two children; Veronica and Jeff. Depending on which version and rather I changed them or not; Jeff was like a year or two older than Veronica. In other versions, they were twins as to help the twin dynamic that would be Anton and Emilia, which eventually went to Tyler and Nancy in future stories. Jeff was basically like his father Andrew; skinny, dorky, but he was tall. Veronica was like her mother; beautiful, tomboyish, and tough. However, the original story introduced them as little kids just barely older than Nancy. Emilia and Anton were Lorraine and Charlie's twins. They were concieved in a celebration tryst that Lorraine and Charlie had after their divorce. But Lorraine ran went into hiding from her family for a while, giving birth to them, and giving them up for adoption. Bella Curtis was Nick's daughter from a one night stand he had without another woman after Melissa. Then there was Keith Curtis, the brother of Nick and uncle of Bella. Keith had a one night stand with Lorraine, which resulted in Tyler.

Lorraine's pregnancy with Tyler was just a year and a half after giving up her twins, which she wasn't ready for yet. But Lorraine wanted to change. She finally decided that she didn't want to be known as a selfish, immature, slut. She turned to Keith, asking if he'd be with her to raise Tyler with her. But he rejected her. Heartbroken by this and fearing that her family would never accept her raising a child who was a product of a one-night stand, Lorraine decided to leave her family to raise her son alone. It would be the last time her family saw her alive. Lorraine changed to be a loving and caring mother to Tyler. She began another relationshop when Tyler was young. Her new boyfriend was named John Riley. He was very abusive towards her and Tyler. He would father the most precious and beloved character in the fan fic franchise; Nancy. Fearing that her daughter would suffer the same fate as her and Tyler, Lorraine left John. Angered by this, John stole Nancy from Lorraine and took off. Lorraine never saw her daughter again. Tyler grew up angry over this. He would toughen himself up so that one day, he could fight John and take back his sister. Sadly, Lorraine never got to see that moment. At forty-three, Lorraine died on cancer. And sadly, her own family never got to see the loving, caring, and mature side that Tyler got to experience. She died with her family believing that she was the same selfish, goldding, immature whore. But it was Tyler, now eighteen, who opened their eyes and saw a different Lorraine.

The original story began at Lorraine's funeral, where Tyler, met his mother's family under a false story, which made us believe that he maybe the killer in our first fan fiction story unrelated to the movies or show. It became a trilogy with Tyler as our hero and Nancy as our precious final girl.

As the stories were remade, given revisions, and rewritten by myself and other writers such as Noah Ben-Maor and Alex Hughes, the stories evolved into newer and different things that was never expected. The backstories, histories, characters would change in themselves depending on which version you either read or wrote. They began to have clubs, army of survivors, to being typical horror slashers teens, which was not how it was originally intended. I just recently started a new Saga, with the help of Noah, where we were given a prequel which focused on Andrew and Scott. Lorraine had her own subplot that featured a child she gave up at birth. But Lorraine was changing. She was no longer scamming, acting innocent, or always being a bitch to her brother. She was just a weak, immature, and scared teenager girl. She eventually fell in love with Scott and married him, where they'd have twins Tyler and Nancy.

So how did all of this happen? How did Nancy, Tyler, Clarence, Kathy, Loraine, Andrew, Daphne, Scott, Charlie, Nick, Daphne, and Melissa become about? What really made them? Where were they inspired from. If the backstories and personalities of Clarence, Kathy, Lorraine, Andrew, Daphne, Scott, Charlie, Nick, and Melissa sound familar. That is because they were orginally characters from a popular comedy TV show. To tell that story, we go back to another generation. The 70s...and to a story unrelated to Scream. In fact, a show that is comedy, the opposite of horror. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the true origins of The Honor Stories; That 70s Show.

That 70s Show

That 70s Show takes place in Point Place, Wisconsin from 1976 to New Years Eve of 1979. It focuses on a teenage boy name Eric Forman, who lives with his strict father Red and loving mother Kitty. His older sister is premiscious college student Laurie. His girlfriend is a beautiful tomboy gal name Donna, who was his neightbor since they were little. His best friends were Steven Hyde; a rebellous stoner who was abandoned and neglected by his parents, Michael Kelso; an unintelligent, immature, tall, and handsome male whore, who lived with his brothers, including Casey Kelso (we'll get to him in a moment), Fez; whose real name and birth country is never revealed, and Jackie Burkhart; the beautiful self-center, rich bitch of the group.

The show focues on the nostalgia and teenage life of the 70s such as drugs, alcohol, Star Wars, comics, teenage realtionships, growing up, rock n roll. Basically all the same formulas that are involved in horror films. Only the show was a comedy. As the show progressed, the characters developed. Eric tried to find himself, Hyde became less cynical and went from hating working like a conformist to owning a record store from his rich biological father, Donna became more independent from her weird in the in-fad parents, Jackie became more caring and independent away from his father's money, Fez adapted himself to America, Kelso was maturing as he had a daughter, and Laurie would disappear but became less of a bitch and wanted to bond with her brother.

While Kitty remained the same, it was Red who changed. Red was a strict, hardass, teen-hating, somewhat of a bigot against foreigners, unforgiving, and unaccepting of his son's lifestyle and his friends. But he softed up. This was due to his anger and hate giving him a heart attack, which he suffered upon learning that his daughter married Fez so that he can stay in the country. Fearing that his hate and anger would kill him, therefore, robbing him of his mature age gifts of being grandfather, retirement, and seeing his kids become grownups, Red changed a lot while still keeping many of his views. He accepted Eric's friends as his own sons, going as far as saying that he and Kitty raised Hyde to his biological father, referring to the boys as "son", and even called Fez, who he hated as a foreigner, "family." So Red became a different person that he started out as.

When the show ended in 2006, with the final episode taking place on Decemeber 31, 1979, Eric, who had left for Africa and had broken up with Donna, returned in the final scene to reunite with her and his family and friends. However, the ending was not clear. While Eric and Donna shared a kiss, rather they got back together or not was not confirmed. Fans were left wondering...what was next for our beloved 70s characters? Would Red and Kitty have grandchildren? Would Eric and Donna get married? Will Hyde keep the record store? What would Fez's future in America be like now that he's a citizen? What kind of a father would Kelso be to Betsy? Will Fez and Jackie stay in a long relationship despite their history of bad relationships and their own bad history together?

I would answer these questions in my own fan fiction story, taking place nearly 20 years later. But upon writing, I had no intention for something it slowly grew to become. My life changed forever the moment I type the first word.

That Fan Fiction Story

After watching the entire 70s show on Netflix, I decided to write my own story of what would life be like for the 70s kids 20 years later. I never ntended it to be a horror slasher. It was going to be funny, cute, and interesting. The idea is that Eric and Donna got married and had two kids; Jeff and Veronica. Hyde was still managing the record store, Jackie was still friends with them, being less of a bitch, but enjoying some of her old rich life while being her own self, Kelso was enjoying acting like a teen with an adult daughrer Betsy being more mature than him, Fez was hanging out with a young lady name Femez (Female Fez). Fez served as a father figure to Femez as she had no father. Red and Kitty were enjoying being grandparents to Veronica and Jeff.

Lisa Robin Kelly passed away tragically at the age of 43 from a drug overdose. As a result, many people who wrote fan fictions made her character Laurie in a similar situation; drugs, alcohol, maybe even murder, or AIDS, etc as a result of her slutty partying ways. But I decided to show a different side of Laurie that was never known to the fans. When fans think of Laurie, they think of a selfish, immature, manipulative, gold digging whore. As her character hardly changed her ways in the show, while attempting to bond with her brother and friends in a good way, her character disappeared being what fans knew her as. So in the minds of most fans, Laurie Forman was never going to change. That is until I changed her for my fan fiction.

Laurie's life after That 70s Show is exactly the same as I mentioned in the above for Lorraine's life. She got pregnant, gave up the ex-husband's (Fez) twins, returned home, slept with Casey Kelso (Michael's older brtoher), ran away after being rejected, and raise Tyler alone, dated John, gave birth to Nancy, who was then stolen from her, and then died of cancer. So Laurie's dark and depressing future was the same.

After Laurie died from cancer, she died never telling her family and friends her life after That 70s Show. So her family and friends believed that she died the way she lived. That is until they met Tyler at her funeral. Tyler introduced himself as Laurie's foster son who Laurie took in after his mother had died. Tyler took off one day and attacked John Riley and took Nancy to meet her grandparents. I based Nancy off of the little girl name "Nancy" in Friday the 13th Part 6. In that movie, Nancy was a frightened, adorable, and vulernable little girl. I wanted Nancy Forman to be like her. So Nancy was created based off of a character in a show.

As I was uncertain where else I'd take the story, I realized that Tyler and Nancy would become the focus of the story. But prior to Tyler finding Nancy, he paid a visit to Robert Millerton, an old teacher of Laurie's. Through flashbacks, we learn how Laurie became a slut and got the reputation. Laurie was once a sweet and innocent girl. She was failing a class, which Millerton was the teacher of. Millerton was attracted to Laurie and made a deal with her. If Laurie slept with her, he'd giving her a passing grade. Feeling loved by him, Laurie went with it. But when Eric snuck into her room and stole her diary, which she written about it, Kitty found it and learned what happened. Believing her daughter to be a slut, rather than a victim, she told Red. But Red saw his daughter a victim. So Millerton was arrested. But the school and Point Place saw Millerton as the victim of a manipulative slut, pointing the finger as Laurie as the criminal. So after that, everyone saw Laurie as the slut.

Laurie's mean, selfish, and bitchiness was her defense against the pain she was being given by everyone. Whereas in the show, Laurie is somewhat of a antagonist, my fan fiction showed things in her point of view. She was the victim and everyone else was the antagonist, while Red was her only allie. Laurie became a slut because it's what people made her feel like. She gave into the image people plastured her as. So we finally learn that despite the good nature of our beloved 70s Show characters was in their eyes, they were really the ones who pushed Laurie over the edge to become who she became.

Things changed drastically once Tyler left Millerton to go find Nancy. Though Tyler has assaulted Millerton, someone else finished him off. Enter X, the killer of my fan fiction. X was originally not supposed to be involved in my fan fiction until I realize how dark it would become due to the nature of Tyler's character and Laurie's true story. X murdered Millerton for his part in Laurie's tragic fall. X's next victim, Nancy's father John Riley. X started contacting Tyler much like Ghostface. X made it clear he was planning to avenge Laurie's tragic life by killing those who she slept with and her family and so called "friends." X also made it clear that he was involved with Laurie's past. X would go on to kill Mike Baker, an old boyfriend of Laurie's who appeared in 02x11 "Laure Moves Out." Mike was a married man who Laurie moved in with temporary. But he later dumped her to get back with his wife.

X forced Tyler to tell the Forman's truth about his true relationship with Laurie. Tyler finally admitted to being Laurie's son and that he used Nancy to see how they'd react to having a grandchild who was born out of wedlock. Nancy had been adopted by Red and Kitty and they adored him. While upset with him for lying, the Forman family finally accepted Tyler as their own upon finding out his relations to them. Together, they vowed to stop X from killing people.

X would go on to kill Jackie Burkhart, Casey Kelso, and Bob Pinciotti. But he would attack Eric, Donna, Hyde, and Kelso. Tyler had found a picture of an abandon building where Laurie often escape from family life to. She partied there and often had sexual relations with men. It is relieved that Laurie brought Fez here to have sex as celebration of their divorce. X was using the place as his hideout, where planned his murder spree. X kidnapped Nancy and brought her here. He called Tyler and him, Fez, Red, and Kitty come save Nancy. It was here that X revealed himself as Femez, real name Laurez (for Laurie and Fez). It is revealed that Laurez is Laurie and Fez's daughter, who was concieved at the abandon party building. She reveals that Laurie gave her for adoption but kept Tyler and Nancy. But she was not angry at her mother. She was angry at her mother's family, friends, and lovers. Laurez felt that the only way for her, Tyler, and Nancy to heal from their pain of being robbed of a real family was to avenge their mother's own pain. Saying a line that became Scream's title, Laurez did it for "Love and Honor" of Laurie. When her family refused to accept her mission, Laurez attempted to kill Tyler, her own father Fez, and Red. But Tyler killed her with his own switchblade knife that he carried around.

In the aftermath of Laurez's murder spree, Tyler was going over all the events that took place. But he realized that Laurez was present in a few occassions but also that she couldn't have killed certain victims based on their wounds. Tyler realize that Laurez had an accomplice. And that a sequel would be written to reveal that.

The Original Honor

As stated above, the very original Honor story; "SCREAM: For Love & Honor" was an exact copy of my 70s Show fan fiction. I wrote two more sequels for that. But afterwards, I wanted to share my Scream-like story to Scream fans. But at the time, I did not think that they'd accept the 70s Show based story and decided to rename the characters to separate it from That 70s Show to show my own Scream story. Of course, this was before Noah, Jeremiah, Alex, and I began to bring characters from other movies and shows into the Scream world such as Pretty Little Lairs, Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, The Walking Dead, and Stranger Things.

The Honor Continues

So since we already basically told the first story via That 90s Story fan fiction, we move to the sequel; "The Honor Continues." After Emilia (Laurez) was revealed to have been Ghostface (X), Tyler finds realizes that there is an accomplice. Tyler is very close and protective of his baby sister, Nancy, now living with their grandparents Clarence (Red) and Kathy (Kitty) Carter (Forman). She's been having dreams however of Ghostface killing her family and friends. At school, Nancy is bullied by three girls. But she is rescued by a handsome PE coach Alex Wisher, whom she has a crush on. She becomes close to him. Meanwhile, Tyler works with Scott (Hyde), Charlie (Fez), Nick (Kelso), as well as newcomer Gary Kemper. Charlie began dating a rich girl, similar to the late Melissa Howard (Jackie), name Robin Warnock.

Nancy began having visions of her late mother, Lorraine (Laurie), when she was her age. However, Nancy had no idea that these were just visions. Nancy and Young Laurie became friends. Meanwhile, Tyler would Abby Wilcox, the second cousin of Daphne (Donna) when he and Andrew (Eric) would meet up with that at the local cafe (in replacement of the popular 70s show hangout known as the Hub). Abby fell head over heels over Tyler. But her attitude, personality, and desire to get close to Tyler and Nancy made people in both 70s and Scream version believe that she was too similar to Emilia/Laurez that they thought she was the killer. Wanting to make it clear that Abby was not the killer, I write a scene where Lorraine in a vision to Nancy asks her daughter to trust her new friend Abby, as she's not the one to be afraid of. Eventually, Abby won Nancy's heart and Tyler began dating her.

Meanwhile, Ghostface (Emilia's accomplice) began his murder spree. In the opening scene, he murdered Emilia's older foster sister Vanessa, who would often abuse little Emilia. Then he went on to kill her boyfriend. Through flashbacks, we learn that Emilia and her accomplice were foster siblings. The foster brother, named Sam, devised a plan for them to escape the foster home when he was fifteen and she was twelve. Sam was large for his age and was able to knock out Vanessa's bodyfriend and steal his keys. As revenge for the way she treated her, Emilia viciously beat up Vanessa. With them injured, Emilia and Sam took of in the boyfriend's car. They created a new life for themselves and began a relationship. Emilia finally got to meet her mother. Lorraine explained to her that she couldn't keep her because she wasn't ready to have a child then. Emilia would see, however, that Lorraine would have a child as she got to see her little brother, Tyler. Emilia witnessed Lorraine getting abused by John Riley. At fourteen, Emilia would give birth to her and Sam's son only known as Little Man. This made them happy. However, it was short lived. When Emilia, Sam, and Sam's cousin broke into a store to get food and clothes for Little Man. However, they're confronted by the owner. Sam accidentally kills the owner. He and Emilia are arrested and their baby is taken from them. On their way to the police station, Sam's cousin murders the arresting officers and then Emilia, Sam, and Sam's cousin became fugatives. Changing their identities, the three would become the Ghostface killers, revealing that Emilia had Sam and his cousin as his accomplice. With Emilia's death, Sam and his cousin are the only ones left.

The first major survivor to die is Nick Curtis. Meanwhile, Bella (Betsy), who we remembered turned out to be Tyler's cousin, still has a crush on Tyler. After finding out that he and Abby got together, she and Abby had a phyiscal fight at the music store. Tyler finally had to tell his cousin that they could never be together. Bella would go to sleep with Gary. We are also introduced to Anton, who turns out to be Emilia's twin brother, therefore, Tyler and Nancy's older brother, and Charlie's only living child. Unaware of who Emilia's accomplice is, Tyler doesn't truth Anton. But things change when Anton nearly gets killed saving Tyler from Ghostface. Gary reveals himself as one of the killers, being Sam's cousin, and is killed by Clarence. However, both Daphne and Clarence are murdered by Sam in Ghostface costume. After Coach Wisher is kidnapped, Ghostface lures Nancy to his new headquarters. He then calls for Tyler, Anton, and Abby to come save Nancy. After they save Nancy, they save an injured Wisher. However, Wisher is revealed to be the killer and Sam Kemper. The survivors fight Wisher, but he is much stronger than they are. The fight has Nancy fooling Wisher into thinking she'd join him but she stabbed him. After smacking Nancy and putting Abby to the ground, Wisher would go to attempt to kill Tyler. But Anton shoots him in the chest. After they think he's dead, Wisher rises back in Scream classic fashion only to be killed by Tyler by getting shot in the head.

After learning about Little Man, Tyler and Abby (who Tyler has proposed to) decide to adopt Tyler and Nancy's nephew. He is named Clarence Carter II, after his great grandfather. His entry to the Carter family brings joy to a depressed family, who has lost many people in their lives. The story ends with the ghost of Lorraine and Clarence Sr. smiling by the window and walking off to go to Heaven. Originally, when this was still a 70s show fan fiction, I had thoughts of having Red/Clarence be just injured but survived. But I decided to kill him off and make the sad ending happy by bringing in Little Man to fill in the void.

The Final Honor

The Final Honor was the very first of the Honor stories to not be a 70s Show fan fiction first. It was written in response to the praise of the readers on this Scream wiki. With Emilia, Sam, and Gary all dead, there was no more Ghostface killers to target the Carter family in relations to Lorraine's past. So a new story had to be written to end the trilogy.

The story takes place 10 years after the first two. Tyler and Abby are now married, Nancy is in high school with Jeff and Veronica, and has her own friends, Scott and Charlie are still running the music store, Bella and Anton are married with kids, Clarence Jr has grown up to be a tough badass sixteen year old like his great-grandfather and uncle Tyler, sadly Kathy had passed away a few years before, and Andrew has been declining to due the loss of his wife, freinds, and parents.

A new killer would begin killing people. But the first survivor to go was Andrew, who was killed in his hotel room after a bar fight. Ghostface told Andrew that he was a Carter that nobody knew about. Norm Peterson, a character from Cheers, had a fight with Andrew prior to the fight. Unbeknownst to them, Andrw and Norm were staying at the same hotel in the rooms next to each other. Ghostface used this and framed Norm for Andrew's murder. As Norm admits to being drunk and would often black out and become violent while drunk, Norm takes responsibility for his murder.

With nobody knowing that Andrew was killed by Ghostface, nobody suspects a thing. However, at Andrew's funeral, Nancy sees visions of Ghostface and three previous killers as well as her abusive father. However, she is snapped out by her new boyfriend, Patrick, who Tyler doesn't trust. Nancy and the rest suspects Patrick due to his resemblance of Tyler, having the same birthday as Nancy, being born at the same hospital and by the same doctor that delivered Nancy. Patrick's biological parents are named Lorraine and John, much like Nancy's biological parents.

Jeff is dating Anna Moss, an Asian American, who has been getting flirted on by an older Asian name Dahn "Dan" Lang. Veronica is dating a guy name Luke Buchanan. They have friends Dani and Brian, whom are dating. But the new killer proceeds to kill people around them, including Luke, Brian, and Dani. We are also introduced to Vicki Kennedy, who was dating Scott. She is revealed to be Daphne and Melissa's half sisters. Daphne's father, the late Bob Price, and Melissa's mother, Pam, had dated in the late 70s, which resulted in Vicki. However, Daphne, Bob, and Melissa found out just about her during the late 80s. However, they kept her relations to them a secret. Both Scott and Charlie would be killed in the middle of the story, leaving the original group of friends all dead. C;arence Jr would have a brutal fight with Ghostface, which sadly resulted in his murder.

In the end, Anna Moss and Dan Lang were revealed to be the killers. They revealed that they're incest father and daughter. But the biggest twist was when Dan revealed that when Clarence was serving in Vietnam, he had an affair with a Vietnamese girl, who gave birth to Dan. This means Dan Lang is Clarence's illegitmet child, Lorraine and Andrew's younger brother, and therefore Anton, Tyler, and Nancy's uncle, which makes Anna Clarence's granddaughrer, Tyler and Nancy's cousin. Dan and Anna reveal that they have no personal motive. They claim themselves to psychos who loves killing people. They do, however, continue the trilogy's "Honor" plot by saying that they wanna Honor the Carter name by having the surviving Carters join them. But they refuse to. This results in a fight between Anna and Nancy, and Dan and Tyler. Patrick, who was injured after being accused of being the killer, shoots Dan. But when Dan rises back up, Tyler shoots and kills him. Heartbroken over her father's death and fearing of being in prison, Anna becomes the first Scream to kill herself.

Nancy and Patrick continue their relationship, hinting at a possible future marriage.

The Failed Remake Trilogy

O tried to remake the Honor trilogy. He posted only one story. It was different that Lorraine didn't want any of her kids but was a surrogate mother, who is hired to carry babies for couples who can't have children. Which means, Anton, Emilia, Tyler, and Nancy were all born under the condition of being given out to couples. Although, Lorraine is their biological father rather than carrying another woman's egg with a man's sperm. Her latest child is Little Man. After giving birth to Little Man, his adoptive parents and hospital staff are killed by Ghostface. Eventually, Ghostface kills Lorraine and takes Little Man to his hideout.

Both Anton and Emilia are kidnapped by Ghostface. Tyler lives across the street from the Carters, not having told them yet about his relations to them. Clarence and Kathy had adopted Nancy after her adoptive parents were killed. Ghostface forces Tyler to save his older siblings (Anton and Emilia) and Little Man. Tyler and Nancy become close to Scott. Emilia takes cares of Little Man. Many of the characters killed.

In the end, Gary Kemper, Bella's boyfriend, is revealed to be the killer and another child of Lorraine's, upset that she gave up their children.

As I couldn't finish due to writer's block, I never made the sequel. How this trilogy would have ended was that Scott and Nick were going to be the killers, both having children who Lorraine surrogated and gave up for adoption. Nick would turn out to be Gary's father, who of course was dating Nick's daughter Betsy. Scott would be revealed to be Tyler and Nancy's father.

The Honor Club

I decided to do a crossover between the Honor trilogy and the Club trilogy.

Part 1

Similar to the remake, Nancy's adoptive parents are murdered in front of her. However, this time around, Nancy is taken care of at first by Sheriff Charles Wayne, who realized that Nancy was his old lover's daughter. Charles realized by the timelime of his relationship with Lorraine matched Nancy's age, he had himself and Nancy tested for DNA, hoping to find out that she's his daughter. However, this was not to be. After finding out that he's not her father, Charles sends Nancy to Clarence and Kathy, who become her guardians.

Meanwhile, Abby, Bella, Veronica, and Jeff are friends the stars of another story of mine; The Club; Ali Warner, Coda Wayne, Britthey Howard, Rey Morgan, and Anthony Bishop. They become upset when the queen bitch, Mandy and her friend Will throws Ali, who can't swim, into a pool as revenge for Anthony, who Mandy likes, giving Ali attention. But she is rescued by Coach Alex Wisher. The Honor and Club friends denounce Mandy, and form their club together. Mandy and Will are killed by Ghostface that night.

Ali and Anthony begin dating. But things become strain when Ali is getting lessons from Wisher and they kiss. When Wisher is killed, Ali at first suspects Anthony, who we know was the main killer known as the Ghost in the third Club story. Meanwhile, Ali discovers that she was adopted and that her biological mother can't remember who her biological father is. Things get weirder for the Carters and Ali when it turns out that Ali's mother and Lorraine were friends and often shared the same men. Meanwile, we also meet D.W., Tyler and Rey's landlord, who has had a tragic history with Ghostface killers. When Nick Curtis is killed and his body is revealed to the public, D.W. decides to fight and reveals himself to be Dewey Riley from the original Scream movies.

Tyler, Abby, and Nancy are kidnapped by Ghostface. Ali is forced to go to the Clubhouse to save them. Ghostface reveals himself as Brittney Howard, who turns out to be Ali's twin sister. Brittney reveals that she, Ali, Tyler, and Nancy all share the same father. As twins, Brittney and Ali share the same mother. But Tyler and Nancy (not twins yet in the franchise) share the same mother. D.W. comes to stop Brittney, but is killed by her. Eventually, Ali kills her own twin sister to end the killings. However, it's realized at the end that despite there being 9 victims, Brittney had only killed two; Gary and Dewey. So there was an accomplice on the loose.

I was originally going to have Rey be Ali's twin sister. However, people loved her and didn't want her to be the killer twice, as she was revealed to be the killer in the final Club story.

Part 2

Three people dig up Brittney's grave in hopes of cremating it. However, an out-of-costume Ghostface (whose face we never see) intervenes and kills two of them and framing the third one. He also takes Brittney's body away. Ali, Tyler, and Nancy have gotten close after learning that they are siblings. Ali has taken over as the final girl. Ali and Anthony are still dating. But Anthony is murdered by Ghostface. Ali's adoptive parents are also killed. In the wake of his murder, Ali becomes depressed, especially when she is raped by the principal, Shumer. But he is killed immediately.

Ali moves in with the Carters to be with Tyler and Nancy. More victims are killed including Rey Morgan, Clarence Carter, and new comers Keith and Carly, Jeff's new girlfriend Sierra, and Charlie's new girlfriend Robin. Bella and her new boyfriend Norm are attacked but not killed. After an attack at the Carter house, Ali and Nancy run away but are saved by Scott, who takes them to his music store. However, upon arriving, they find Brittney's stolen body. It's here that Scott reveals himself as Ghostface and that he is Ali, Brittney, Tyler, and Nancy's father. During a chase between the sisters and their father, Charlie and Scott fight, which results in Charlie slashing Scott's throat with a broken CD.

Part 3

Bella and Norm are killed by Ghostface while visiting Boston. Tyler, Ali, Nancy, and Kathy have moved into Andrew and Daphne's, also with Jeff and Veronica. Kathy is poisoned by an out-of-costume Ghostface (whose face we don't see) She dies while horrified at realizing who was killing her. The killer made it appear like a suicide. Meanwhile, the family is being harrassed by journalist Rose Blair. But she is killed by Ghostface.

Nancy becomes close to her principal Ellie Harris, who like Wisher in the original trilogy, rescues her from bullies. We leanr that Ellie was a mother who lost her child and Nancy has been filling that void. But when she becomes too close to her, Ghostface kills her off for it. Meanwhile survivors Coda Wayne, Daphne Carter, Jeff Carter are killed off along with newcomers Shelby Rice, Jeff's new girlfriend Anna Moss, and Veronica's new girlfriend Nicole Price.

Charlie has gotten close to twin Anton and Emilia, along with their boyfriend Diego and girlfriend Sofia. However, at the Wave near the end, Diego and Sofia murder Anton and Emilia, and reveals that they're Charlie and Lorraine's twins. Jason and Tyler arrive at the Wave in time, where Jason kils Diego. But Tyler then kills Jason and reveals himself to be Brittney and Scott's secret accomplice. Tyler, the most beloved badass final boy, becomes the killer. He decided after Brittney and Scott's death that there was no point in continuing a happy life with the Carters. So he wanted to finish them all off, including Nancy. However, he's overwhelmed by his sister Ali and his now former girlfriend Abby. Nancy threatens to kill him with his own knife, which he dares her to, while Ali and Abby protest. Nancy decides to spare him because she loves him even if he's the "Scary man." The police arrest Tyler. However, at Prison, Tyler is visited by an older sexy woman name NIKITA, who promises to help break him out tomorrow.

Part 4 (Never Finished)

I attempted to write a fourth story but couldn't due to writer's block. Had I succeeded, Tyler would have been broken out by Nikita's help; But she'd murder him immediately. Ali, Nancy, Abby, Veronica, Charlie, and Andrew would all return. Andrew would have been killed, Veronica would find a new girlfriend Jessica at the hospital that they work at. Charlie would be married a woman KD and he'd be looking to write a book about the murders. Nancy would be dating Patrick and have a new group of friends. Ali would be engaged to John Calhoun, with Nancy's approval. In the end, most of Nancy's friends would be killed. The survivors would be Ali, Nancy, Abby, Veronica, and John. Charlie may have been killed along with his wife. Patrick's fate is unknown. But Veronica's girlfriend, Jessica would have been revealed to be the killer. Her motive is uncertain as I never got that far. However, my plan was to reveal that she had NOTHING to do with Tyler's death nor any relations to Nikita.

Part 5 (Never Written)

Part 5 maybe have been the final story in The Honor Club. Nikita would have revealed herself as Vicki Kennedy with the same background as she did in The FInal Honor. Her possible motive would have been to kill everyone involved with her late parents Pam and Bob with no real grudge against anyone. But I never got far enough to think of the best motive.


At the end of the very first Tarevender story, the final girl, whose name I forgot (anyone remember?) was rescued by MIB. The sequel revealed that MIB is part of an army called SURFACK (Survivors Fight Back). The final girl later learns her assumed brother Jimmy was Jyle Venedict, the best Tarevender killer. After defeating Tarevender in one of their first battles, The final learns in a shocking ending twist that MIB is Patrick Villane, Colonel A and Bee is Anton and Bella. And that the Comamnding General is Nancy.

The third story that was never finished had Nancy and Patrick getting married. Vicki Kennedy, also part of Surfack, would be murdered. As I didn't get far enough, I cannot say who died and who survived.

The Surfack would be reintroduced in The Honor Saga and a Terminator-like story called "The Tarevender."

The Saga

I wanted to a completely new and different storyline for our Honor characters. I wanted to write at least 9 stories. The final chapter is being written by Noah. Everything is different this time around.

Part 1

Andrew and Scott use to be old friends as little kids. But they've been in their own separate groups due to Andrew's relationship with popular girl Alice Worth and her friends Cassie, Oscar, and Jeremy. Scott's group of friends consist of Iris Lilly, Chuck, and Cheri. Upon Andrew and Scott's groups coming together, Iris and Jeremy get together, and Oscar becomes a stoner with Chuck and Cheri. Meanwhile. Scott begins dating a girl name Melina.

In this version, Clarence is the Sheriff of Clearwood. Also Lorraine had a child fourteen with a older man. She gave the child up for adoption, which Clarence and Kathy are upset with her for doing, as they wanted to raise their grandchildren. Lately, Little Man (Lorraine's 5 year old son) would come by and visit her. But she felt that she still couldn't raise. This angers Little Man, who joins forces with his unknown father, who is using the Brandonface costume to kill Lorraine's lovers. Meanwhile, another killer known as Francis is killing people close to Andrew and Scott.

There is a story that Clarence had arrested a gangster name Skillion. But because he didn't arrest him properly by law, Skillion was set free. As a result, Skillion took over a building, built a pit, and would imprisoned victims inside. Legend has it that a little girl name Angel escaped from it with the helper a Protector. Angel lead Clarence to the Pit, resulting in Skillion's death and the rescue of all of his victims.

In the end, Melina reveals herself to be Angel, the mastermind of the killings, and that Francis is her Protector from the prison. They blame Clarence for not killing Skillion or arresting him properly which led to their torture in the Pit.

Part 2

While Brandonface and Little Man continue their murders on Lorraine's lovers and friends, a new killer targets Andrew, Scott, Iris, and their new friends Nick, Charlie, and the Walking Dead characters Rick, Carl, Lori, Daryl, Beth, Maggie, and Glenn. It is Rick's group that had formed a club that would eventually evolve into Surfack in the future. All the Walking Dead characters are killed. Carl is revealed to be the killer and Melina's little brother. After surviving the second murder spree, Iris and Charlie begin dating. Originally, I was going to have Bill Tannen, a doctor friend of Clarence be Melina's father and the killer. But changed it when it became too obvious.

Part 3

Brandonface and Little Man were the primary killers with Little Man actually killing people. The Clearwood club is joined by the Rosewood Five (PPS survivors); Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, Sara Harvey, Charles Drake, and Elliot Rollins. Nick was dating Melissa, who becomes pregnant with his child. But he does not live to see it as he's the first major survivor to be killed. Elliot Rollins, Emily Fields, and Sara Harvey are also killed, leaving Spencer and Charles as the only Rosewood survivors left with the Clearwood survivors. In the end, we learn that Brandonface was Miguel De La Cruz, Andrew, Scott, and Iris's teacher, who was an ex-lover of Lorraine's and Little Man's father. He is killed by Lorraine and Little Man is sent to a mental instituion. Meanwhile, Lorraine and Scott get married, Melissa gives birth to Bella, Charlie and Iris also get married and have a daughter name Ali.

Part 4

Little Man has grown up and becomes Zero. He escapes to target Lorraine, Scott, Andrew, Daphne, Clarence, Kathy, Iris, Charlie, Spencer, Charles, Melissa, Tyler, Nancy, Ali, Bella, Noah Drake, and Jeremiah. Zero murders 10 year old Trig, Nancy's little crush. But the survivors are assisted by Dr. Kevin Andrews, Zero's doctor. While many people are killed trying to protect them, the only major survivor to be killed was Kathy. Zero's hand is severed by Lorraine and attacked by the little kids. This allows the police to arrest him. However, Tarevender, led by Jyle Venedict, kills all the cops at the police station and frees Zero, who joins them.

Part 5

Since Zero joined Tarevender, the survivors have formed an army called Surfack. Mandy Forest, the last remaining survivors of Noah's original Scream story, is about to be killed, she is rescued by Kevin, whom she falls in love with. She joins Tarevender. Meanwhile, Andrew and Daphne are killed by Zero, who has a knife hand, which replaced his severed hand. Afterwards Zero is assigned by Tarevender to target a girl name Nicole Price, her boyfriend Donald Newton, and their friend Chris Osburn. After killing most of their friends, Zero is joined by Tarevender in time to stop Clearwood from saving them. However, Donald is revealed to be Jyle's nephew and a Tarevender. He set the whole thing up. While other Surfack soldiers arrive to shoot down Tarevenders, Donald is killed in a fight with Nadine and Chris.

During the massacre, Zero was suppose to be killed Tracy. But becase she was pregnant, he refused to kill her as it reminded him of his own wife, who was killed on a mission while pregnant. To redeem himself with Tarevender, Zero faces his mother in a bloody battle. Saldy, both Zeor and Lorraine died in the fight. The Surfack kids are kidnapped by Tarevender. Surfack declares war and attacks Tarevender. During the battle, Nancy kills Scarecrow. Clarence sacrifices himself to save the others. Jyle fights Spencer and Charles. Jyle kills Charles. But he is killed by Spencer. We learn that Negan (from the Walking Dead), who was Jyle's cousin, will become the new leader of Tarevender.

Part 6

Zombie, one of the Ghostface killers who survived Surfack's attack on Tarevender, kills Tracy and Melissa but kidnaps Tracy's daughter Judith (Little Miss). Meanwhile, another Ghostface killer is sent to kill friends of Patrick Villane and Carrie Raines. We learn that they're children of Tarevender. Patrick's father was Scarecrow, killed by Nancy in the previous story, and Carrie's mother is Whitney, Negan's new wife. Ghostface kills all of their friends. But Carrie is revealed to be Ghostface, who was trained by her mother and biological father, Negan. Her "father" was the Sheriff and had no idea that his wife produced Carrie out of an affair. After Carrie had killed Patrick's girlfriend, Jodie, Patrick ended up killing Carrie.

Months later, Patrick has joined Surfack. Scott, Nancy, Tyler, Ali, Patrick, Iris, Charlie, Bella, Spencer, Kevin, Mandy, Chris, and Nicole are captured by Tarevender and forced on their knees. Melissa's boyfriend, Joseph Warren, reveals himself as Zombie and the one who killed Melissa and Tracy. Negan introduces himself and tells them one of them is to be killed by his trusty axe called "Axel." Unable to decide who his victim will be, Negan proceeds to play "Eenie, Meeni, Miny, Mo" with them. He eventually chooses and kills him victim. But we do not see this and are left wondering who he killed.

Part 7

Opening where we left off in Part 6, Negan is choosing which Surfack to kill by playing "Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Mo." Eventually, he chooses Kevin Andrews, who bravely accepts his fate. When Negan taunts Ali with rape, Tyler attacks Negan. But he is forced back in line. As punishment for Tyler's asssault, Negan kills Ali's father, Charlie Rodriguez, whch leaves Ali and Iris devestated, and Tyler guilt ridden. Negan then forces Surfack to disband and makes them become Tarevenders. Negan takes Tyler with him, where he's tortured by Tarevender. But he is rescued by MIB.

After Negan kills Camille, a survivor of part 6, kidnaps Part 6 survivor Timmy, rapes both Iris and Ali, forces Nancy to cut off her fingers, and Joseph kills Noah (intending on killing Bella and Spencer, but Noah sacrifices himself), Surfack finally becomes angry enough to reband themselves and declare war on Tarevender, Negan speciifcally. However, that night Mandy, Ali, Spencer, and Alexis attack Tarevender, freeing Timmy. But while they escape, Mandy stays behind in hopes killing Negan and Joseph. She has a brutal fight with Joseph. But is captured nad imprisoned.

MIB shows Chris and Nadine his army and prepares them to fight Tarevender. When Tarevender Davey tries to rape Mandy, Negan kills him for it. Negan has hopes of turning Mandy into a Tarevender. But she rejects this. So the next day, with Surfack prepared to fight, Tarevender arrives with Mandy. After Surfack refuses to surrender, Joseph shoots and kills Mandy. This triggers a small battle with Tarevender. However, Tarevender gets the upperhand. Negan goes to kill Nancy. But Grommet, Mandy and Kevin's dog, attacks and mauls Joseph to death.

The war begins with Nadine, Chris, MIB, and his army returning to fight Tarevender. Grommet fights Bull, Joseph's evil dog. But Negan's adorable innocent dog intervenes, geting badly hurt. However, Grommet kills Bull. Jeremiah and Judith saves Grommet and Daisy. With all of the Tarevenders at Clearwood dead, Negan fights Ali, Tyler, Iris, and Spencer. After he is presumed dead, he rises back up. But he is shot by Scott, Tyler, Nancy, Patrick, Ali, Iris, Chris, Nadine, and Spencer...making the first time that all survivors kill the main killer together. Meanwhile, Bella was fighting Noahop, a Tarevender who appeared in Part VII as one of the kids who kidnapped the Surfack kids. Though badly injured, Bella suceeding in tossing Noahop off the bell tower.

Surfack attacks the Tarevender headquarters, killing all of the Tarevenders, except one who hid himself in the distance. This Tarevender vows to avenge his team. Spencer was shot during the final attack on Tarevender. But wanting to join her friends, husband, and child in death; Spencer allows herself to die. She dies in Scott's arms.

Part 8

Tyler and Ali get married despite only being 17. But they are killed on their honeymoon by Chromeface. Meanwhile, Nancy, Patrick, Bella, Timmy, and Alexis go with their teacher Michonne, her assistant Vera, her son Norm, and their classmates to Hart's Island, where a family was massacred at their masion there years ago. Brandonface murders the pilot, the classmates, the tourist, Vera, and Alexis. However, we learn that Norm and Vera (who faked her death) is Brandonface. Vera reveals herself as Whitney Raines-Venedict, the wife of Negan and mother of Carrie. She was the Tarevender who survived Part 7's massacre by Surfack. While Bella kills Norm for betraying her, Nancy, finally becoming a full final girl, manages to cause Whitney's death, by allowing to fall/pushing her off the balcony. Back at Clearwood, the survivors have a funeral for Tyler, Ali, and Alexis. But somebody has vandalized Tyler and Ali's tombstones with the words, "YOU DID IT" implying that someone within Surfack/Clearwood was responsible for their murders.

Part 9

Part 9 is currently being written by Noah. We don't know much except that Patrick plans to surprise Nancy on her 18th birthday, Scott and Michonne are now dating, and that a major survivor will be killed by Chromeface, Tyler and Ali's killer. Chromeface will be revealed at the end. This will be the final story in the saga.

Alex Hughes's The Honoring

Alex Hughes is remaking the original Honor trilogy in his own vision called "The Honoring". Going back to the true origins of the Honor, Lorraine died prior to the story and Tyler and Nancy (twins) are left be raised by Clarence and Kathy. However, it turns out that they have a little sister named Veronica, who is abused by her adoptive parents. Tyler learns that Lorraine was a porn star. Not much else is known currently. But I believe that Alex is doing a good job so far.